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Blood Transfusion Condoms & HIV
Could Condoms Leak HIV?
Holes in latex - the scientific evidence
Observed holes in condoms - Research May 2004
Physicians claim: Condoms may leak 1 microliter of fluid which may contain 100,000 HIV particles
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Campaign to withdraw N-9 from condoms
Spermicide N-9 facilitates infection with HIV and other pathogens
Health Risks from hormonal contraception
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Campaigning Issues

World  AIDS  Day
1st December

Abstinence - works every time

Blood  -  '...you cannot give blood ...even if you use a condom.'

Could Condoms Leak HIV?

Further Reading :


Even Canadian Government says Toronto AIDS Conference Irrational  LifeSiteNews, August 21, 2006

African Women not Helpless Victims says Ugandan AIDS Fighter Victim status myth said to have been created by AIDS industry,  LifeSiteNews, August 18, 2006

UN Anger Over Uganda's Successful Abstinence Program Fueled by Loss of Funds Says Researcher  LifeSiteNews.com, October 13, 2005

Abstinence Works says New Study - Toronto AIDS Conference Silent  LifeSiteNews.com, August 15, 2006

Edward Green of Harvard University - an AIDS Specialist and Former Condom Advocate Speaks on Switch to Abstinence  December 8, 2005 (LifeSiteNews.com)

Condoms will not stem the tide of HIV infections - life changes are needed  ' Australia's e-journal of social and political debate 'On-Line Opinion'.

Countries with lowest condom use have the lowest rates of HIV   BMJ 30 July 2005. Also read: 'Rapid Response' (letters in reply).

Don't Blame Pope for AIDS - Analysis Finds Greater Percentage Catholics Makes for Lower HIV Rates -SYDNEY, July 29, 2005. (LifeSiteNews.com) also reported in BMJ.

HIV - and other STDs  - United for Life.

Muslim Women on Condom Machines: "Donít ruin our culture, Remove these machines" By Gudrun Schultz CHENNAI, India, December 14, 2005 (LifeSiteNews.com)

Make Abortion History -  Babies are our future, abortion kills babies. To make poverty history let us make abortion history.

The Natural Environment  - How abortion, contraception and related issues are environmentally destructive and how Human Rights apply.

Contraceptive failure may be a major factor in teenage pregnancy.  Research by Dr E S Williams, Director of Public Health Medicine, Croydon, Surrey. (published in BMJ).

Natural Family Planning -  Read about how to live with nature.

Abortion - Breast Cancer Link -  Read how 50 years of research studies shows a link between abortion & breast cancer.

Research Discrediting Abortion-Cancer Link Is Seriously Flawed says Review in Medical Journal -By LifeSiteNews.com Staff - WASHINGTON, December 1, 2005 (LifeSiteNews.com)

Abortion, breast cancer linked in UK   - Researcher set to announce national statistics showing connection - August 9, 2005 (WorldNetDaily.com)

Abortion Causes, Rather Than Prevents, Serious Mental Disorders - (LifeSiteNews.com) February 10, 2006

After Abortion Women's Suicide Rates Are Highest Says New Study - By LifeSiteNews.com Staff - December 1, 2005.

I survived an abortion attempt  - Gianna Jessen was that baby - BBC News, 6 December 2005

Prostitution is Not a Profession  - Concerned Women of America - 14 December 2005, By Brenda Zurita

8th Medical Organization Acknowledges Abortion-Cancer Link Press Release - April 4th, 2006

Direct Link to Rubber World the leading magazine for the rubber industry
Once on Rubber World site click on 'Articles/Archives' then scroll to month 'June' & year '1993' for CM Roland's article entitled : The barrier performance of latex rubber.