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Women Who Kill

Have you ever considered what it takes for a woman to agree to the killing of her child by abortion?

When a mother is confronted with a possible unplanned pregnancy she knows that if she is pregnant then she has a baby growing within her.  Her thought processes have to change.  First, instead of it being a baby she has to convince herself that the baby is an ‘it’.  Then this ‘it’ is just a blob of insignificant cells.  In some cases she may convince herself or even be told that ‘it’ is similar to a cancerous growth and needs to be removed as soon as possible.  Panic and fear can then set in and rational thinking is no longer possible.  She has denied the baby’s humanity.

Generalisations then can commence.

  • Everyone knows that abortion is safe.
  • Women who have an abortion can continue with their lives as if nothing has happened.
  • It will not affect her.
  • She will be fine.
  • She will not be able to cope if the pregnancy continued.
  • It is for the best.
  • She hasn’t any support.
  • She is too young
  • Her parents will kill her if they found out.
  • She has her whole life ahead of her.
  • It will just be like having a tooth out.
  • It’s not yet a baby.
  • Nobody will ever find out.
  • It’s her body to choose to do with as she pleases.
  • She knows what she is doing.
  • She hadn’t meant to get pregnant - it was an accident.
  • She is not to blame.
  • She is being responsible in her actions.
  • She is doing nothing wrong
  • It is legal

By convincing herself of the above she has desensitised herself from the truth and convinced herself that her actions are justified no matter how wrong the action of killing a child by abortion is.

Once she has the pregnancy confirmed and made it known that she doesn’t intend to continue with the pregnancy, the doctors or counsellors comply in her deception by maintaining the lies that it is not a baby but an ‘it’ or a foetus, as if that makes it any less a baby.  The word foetus is just a name for a baby at a particular age.  Prior to being a foetus the baby was an embryo and after birth the baby is a neonate then a toddler, then an infant but by using the word foetus it endorses the thought that ‘it’ is not human and therefore expendable.  Some doctors or counsellors may talk about removing ‘products of conception’ or even removing the pregnancy.  The mother is seeking a ‘termination’ (all pregnancies terminate at some point) or an ‘abortion’.  ‘Abortion’ is more clinically acceptable and evades the truth of what it actually means - killing an unborn baby.  The word ‘baby’ must not be used.  Verbal gymnastics are carried out to dehumanise the baby as much as possible and to convince the mother that what she is intending to do is fully acceptable and a wise choice that nobody needs know about other than those whom she chooses to tell.  If the mother is a school girl then she is advised that neither her parents nor her GP ever need find out.  She is told that it is her choice and she will be supported in that choice.  This is by those who don’t know her but let her believe she understands what is going to happen.  Their support ends as quickly as possible as there will be other mothers who need their ‘support’.

The whole procedure will be surrounded in secrecy.  She will need to lie to those who might be willing to care if they knew, so that they don’t find out.  The mother assumes that her welfare is paramount but once the wheels are set in motion she may find that due to what she has been told, and what she now believes about herself and others there is no turning back.  She creates lies to cover up for what she is about to do, with possibly just one friend or the father of the baby who is going to be with her for ‘support’.

The procedure has been booked either at a hospital or clinic and all she need do is turn up and her problems will be solved.  She is in denial to the child growing inside her.  She has become desensitised by the lies of terminology.  She has deceived those around her due to her secrecy and lies of where she is going.  She has been manipulated by those who say they care, but in effect, just see her as one of many having an abortion that day and she will be forgotten as soon as she has left the building.

When Jesus was speaking to the Pharisees (synagogue leaders) in John Chapter 8 verse 44 He said "You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire.  He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him.  When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies".  So we can see that although the mother may think she is doing right, by being convinced by lies and deception she is actually under the spiritual control of the devil - Satan.

It therefore becomes easy for the mother to kill her child by abortion.  Most mothers are not even aware of what is happening as they are given a general anaesthetic, but even those who choose not to have a general anaesthetic still have to convince themselves that what they are doing is right.  They convince themselves there is nothing wrong in what they are doing, but deep down they know that it is their child they are killing.  Once their baby is killed something inside of them dies as well.  Many mothers go on to kill again and again by abortion.  Some countries use abortion as a means of contraception and it is not unusual for a woman to have had killed five or more of her children in this way.  All the time she has to convince herself that these are not babies.

This deadening of the conscience, silence and secrecy then seeps into the family and eventually into the whole of society so that it becomes even easier to kill children by abortion and even harder to speak the truth that abortion kills babies and is wrong, no matter what the reasons or circumstances, as nobody wants to be seen to be judging anyone else.  In today’s society it is seen as wrong or intolerant to tell someone that they are or were wrong in their action of killing a child by abortion.  As the lies continue throughout society, so does the suffering of the mothers and babies from one generation to the next.

Women are not born killers of their future children.  But through lies and deception by society as a whole, they are brainwashed into believing that the solution to their crisis pregnancy problem is to kill their child by abortion.  Anyone who doesn’t speak out against the killing of children by abortion is complicit in the killing.

Please visit our Healing page if you have had an abortion or supported someone who has.

If you have had an abortion and would like to contact us, in confidence,
please Grace at United for Life.

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