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The Tsunami

On 26 December 2004 a violent earthquake shook the land under the Indian Ocean.  Until that time hardly anyone had been aware of the devastation that could be caused by a Tsunami.  In fact, very few people had even heard of the word 'Tsunami'.  Yet, for weeks after the event, people were glued to their TV sets watching the massive waves coming in and before our very eyes we saw people being washed away and drown.  We were also confronted on a round the clock basis with images of dead bodies - men, women and children.  Who could not have been moved by the images before our eyes?

Over 200,000 people from all over the world lost their lives; indigenous as well as tourists; rich and poor; educated and uneducated; people of faith - Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc - and people of no faith.  Within minutes of the huge waves hitting the shores, lives were lost or changed forever.  Appeal funds that had been set up to help the victims soon exceeded any other fundraising efforts for any disaster.  People from around the world wanted to do all they could to help those who were suffering the aftermath of the tsunami.

Some in the news media said it was devastation of 'Biblical Proportions' - natural disasters on a gigantic scale.  Some have said it is the judgement of God for the sin in the world whilst others have said it is a wake up call to come back to God.  The implications of these expressed thoughts need to be seriously considered as nobody knows when or where the next 'natural' disaster will occur.  We can run but we cannot hide from the Creator God.

With this in mind, all the survivors of the tsunami - and we are all survivors as we were not in the wrong place at the wrong time - need to consider that each year in the UK approximately 180,000 babies are killed by abortion.  That is approximately 20,000 less than was killed by the tsunami.  But the tsunami figure easily pales into insignificance when the yearly worldwide figures for children killed by abortion are added together.  Nobody knows the actual figures but if the non-recorded figures of the destruction of babies by the morning after pill, the ordinary contraceptive pill, IUDs, Norplant, Depo Provera, IVF experiments and now embryonic stem cell research were included, the number could be more than fifty million.

Where is the worldwide outcry for this devastation of 'Biblical Proportions'?  Where is the funding to prevent the daily killing of so many innocent babies?  Where is the funding to help counsel the mothers of these dead children?  How many mothers and fathers who have killed their children by abortion gave help for the tsunami victims whilst being victims of an even greater unacknowledged disaster themselves?  Why is it 'okay' to kill our children by abortion and other means that prevent them naturally implanting in the womb, yet when anyone is caught in a natural disaster all means possible are set in motion to keep people alive?

Why is it that actual pictures of the tsunami, including bloated dead bodies, could be seen on all TV channels and in our newspapers and magazines, yet photos of aborted babies are not allowed to be shown in case it upsets someone, is too horrific or offends anyone?  Why can we see the truth of the destruction of the tsunami but not the truth of the destruction of abortion?  Why are those who try to show pictures of aborted babies arrested when daily we see worse images on our TVs or in the newspapers?

The tsunami, as most natural disasters, was an event that has happened and most people have 'moved on' to the next disaster or event, but abortion is a daily occurrence happening worldwide.  Did you respond to the tsunami appeals? Will you respond to future disaster appeals?  What is your response to the killing of children by abortion?

If you care, see our Action page on ways to make a stand for the unborn.