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Letters to the Editor

On September 25, 2004, The Tablet published an article entitled 'Where CAFOD Stands' which is about CAFOD's policy on HIV and condom use.  Below are letters to the Editor.

Letter about: Opus Dei Priest supports condom use - July 17, 2004 (Published)

Letter about: Never right to make evil action "safe" or "safer" - July 31, 2004 (Published)

Letter about: CAFOD's HIV stand - October 6, 2004 (Published)

Letter about: Lesser of two evils - November 6, 2004 (Un-published)

Direct Link to Rubber World the leading magazine for the rubber industry
Once on Rubber World site click on 'Articles/Archives' then scroll to month 'June' & year '1993' for CM Roland's article entitled : The barrier performance of latex rubber.