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The Silent Holocaust
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64th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Death Camp

27 January 2010

Never Again - Never Again - Never Again!

1.  Introduction

'Never again' - was the cry at the liberation of the death camps at the end of the Second World War. (1)

'Never again' - would we allow the killing of unwanted human lives.

Yet, in Britain and around the world - 'the killing is happening again'.

Every time an unborn child is killed by abortion and every time someone is starved or dehydrated to death or given a lethal injection by a doctor, nurse or by others - 'the killing is happening again'.

Some have said that comparing the Nazi killing centres and modern abortion and euthanasia programmes should not be made.  However, if there is a difference, those who promote or accept abortion or euthanasia should tell us 'where the difference lies'.  The truth is - there are direct historical links and influences between them.

Since the 1967 Abortion Act came into force, seven million (7,000,000) children have been killed by abortion in Britain alone. (2)   Every week in Britain, 3,500 children are deliberately killed by surgical abortion and an untold number of tiny human lives are killed because they are unable to implant in their mother's womb as a consequence of their mother's taking the Pill or the 'morning-after pill' (otherwise known as 'emergency contraception').  Still further thousands of tiny human lives have been deliberately killed during IVF and human embryo experimentation.  Read how  Human Embryos Have Human Rights.

Every time someone promotes or uses abortion, some forms of contraception, euthanasia, IVF or human embryo experimentation, then, either directly or indirectly, 'the killing is happening again'.

2.  Darwin, Eugenics & the Birth Control Movement

Darwin's theory of 'survival of the fittest' led Darwin's cousin Sir Francis Galton to develop studies into eugenics, (eugenics means: of good genes, of good stock) applying Darwin's theory to humans.  The Galton Laboratory   was founded in University College London in 1904 (3)  to conduct eugenic experiments.  The Eugenics Society ,  a popular rather than a scientific institution, was founded in 1907 to implement Galton's teachings.  The Eugenics Society changed its name to the Galton Institute in 1989.  The archives of the Eugenics Society are held at the Wellcome Library . (4)

One of the major concerns of the Eugenics Society was how to stop 'undesirable groups of people' from breeding.  Margaret Sanger, a member of the round table discussions of the American Eugenics Society was also founder and president of the American Birth Control League and both founder and editor of the Birth Control Review.  Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood of America in 1942 and became president of International Planned Parenthood Federation, otherwise known as IPPF   - which has its headquarters in London.  IPPF is responsible for the fpa (Family Planning Association) around the world, (5)  including ' enthusiastic support ' (6)  for the Chinese forced one-child policy - which was one of Margaret Sanger's aims. (7)

Marie Stopes, founder of the first Birth Control Clinic in the UK, was also a supporter of the Eugenics Society and in her will gave her abortion and contraceptive clinic and archive papers to the Eugenics Society. (8)

Elasah Drogin, in her book,  'Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Society' , provides the shocking and devastating information that,  'Harry H Laughlin, contributor to the Birth Control Review, April 1933, on his Eugenic Sterilisation Law adopted by Hitler, led to an honorary Degree of Medicine in 1936 from the University of Heidelberg - a centre for racial discussion'. (9)

Elasah Drogin continues, 'Margaret Sanger was a participant in the round table discussions of the American Eugenics Society in 1936 and heard Dr Marie Koop read her paper on eugenic sterilisation.  Dr Marie Koop, who had been given a grant to study in Germany, found that "aside from religious scruples, there were few objections to ‘compulsory’ sterilisation laws."  She also reported that the German sterilisation law was not hastily enacted but that the German's had done so only after a careful study of the sterilization programme in California carried out by the Human Betterment Foundation, today known as the Association for Voluntary Sterilisation.  The Germans considered it impossible, according to Koop, "to undertake such a venture involving a million people without drawing heavily upon previous experience elsewhere".'  (10)

3.  Tax-Payers Fund the Eugenic Agenda

It should be noted that millions of British tax payers money ends up in the coffers of IPPF, 'Marie Stopes , fpa, the UNFPA  and other like minded organisations funded from the NHS and other UK government departments.

If you view our BBC page you will see that the BBC World Service has worked closely with IPPF in promoting IPPF's eugenic agenda of abortion and contraception around the world.

4.  Sex Education And the Eugenic Agenda

Sex education in schools has been one of the main vehicles for promoting the eugenic agenda.  The book  Lessons in Depravity  by Dr ES Williams shows how sex education has achieved such a goal.

5.  Euthanasia, Humanism, And the Eugenic Agenda

As for the issue of euthanasia in Britain - I want to bring to your attention my own experience of this debate.  I want to mention Tony Bland who was a victim in the Hillsborough football disaster.   His doctors and his parents sought a court decision to have his food and fluids removed so that he would die by starvation or dehydration.  The court order was granted and Tony Bland died some days later.

After Tony Bland's death I attended a meeting at the Cheltenham Friends Meeting House on the subject of euthanasia and its implications.  Members of the Humanist Association were at the meeting including Dr Harry Stopes-Roe a member of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society and son of Marie Stopes.  During the meeting I stood up and claimed that the Voluntary Euthanasia Society were not really dedicated to ONLY killing those who ask for it otherwise they would have opposed the court decision in the Tony Bland case on the grounds that his consent had not been gained.  At this point the Humanists turned to me and in one voice shouted out "We had the parents' consent!" at which I said, "Precisely.  You had the parents' consent - that was not HIS consent - you have just moved from proposing voluntary euthanasia to involuntary euthanasia".  At that point Dr Harry Stopes-Roe said, "Sir, that is non-voluntary not involuntary euthanasia."  In other words, with my 'slip-of-the-tongue' Dr Stopes-Roe confirmed the type of killing that Tony Bland underwent.  (11)

6.  Conclusion

People do not realise that when they partake of or promote the use of modern contraception or support various forms of euthanasia, they are unwitting victims of the eugenic movement's plan to end unwanted human lives.  In conclusion then - the eugenicists are still very active both here in Britain and around the world.

7.  What You Should Know & Do

Teachers, lecturers and governors of every secondary school, college and university should be making their students aware of the information highlighted on this web page.  Health workers, social workers, youth workers and leaders, adoption and foster agencies, parent's groups, teenage and young peoples groups, public policy makers, NHS staff, journalists and those in the media, local and county council members, MPs and church groups, preachers and pastors, ministers, priests and bishops, all need to be aware of the contents of this web page and speak out accordingly against the killing so that 'Never Again' does mean 'Never Again'.

8.  Further Reading

We recommend the reading of the book entitled  'Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Society'  by Elasah Drogin,  'Abortion the Silent Holocaust'  by Fr John Powell,  Lessons in Depravity  by Dr ES Williams,  The Men Behind Hitler, A German Warning to the World  by Bernard Schreiber and  Architects of the Culture of Death  by Donald De Marco and Benjamin D Wiker.  We also recommend visiting the  Eugenics -Watch  websitse.


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