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Opus Dei priest supports condom use
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July 17, 2004

Re: Opus Dei priest supports condom use

Dear Madam

The Opus Dei priest, Fr Martin Rhonheimer, claims that those who act with sexual immorality should be allowed to use condoms to help prevent HIV, and, that such an attitude fully respects the Catholic Church's teaching on contraception.  However, such an attitude cannot be further from the truth.

Humanae Vitae is not just for "the moral" and not just for Catholics but is for all people, and indeed the whole world.  It states that there are two purposes of human sexual intercource: the unitive purpose and the procreative purpose.  Condoms, even when used during the infertile period and used in order to avoid infection, still destroy the unitive purpose of sexual intercourse and are therefore oposed to the Church's teaching.

There is now plenty of evidence to show that condoms are far too risky to place them between a healthy body and a deadly disease.  Even the  British Blood Transfusion Service does not trust condoms to keep people safe.  In their leaflet "Keep Blood Transfusion Safe" they sate: "You must not give blood for at least 12 months after sex, even if you use a condom or other protective, with someone who is or you think may be HIV positive - or if a partner who has or you think may have been sexually active in parts of the world where HIV/Aids is very common.  This includes most countries in Africa."

It is Christ's call to chasity both within marriage and ouside it that is at the heart of the matter.

Yours faithfully

Chris Mason, Co-ordinator, United for Life