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'Never right to make evil action "safe" or "safer"
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July 31, 2004

Re: Never right to make evil action "safe" or "safer"

Dear Madam

The Jesuit priests Father Fuller and Father Keenan (Letters, 24 July), and indeed Fr Rhonheimer, are seriously mistaken in their claim that those who act with sexual immorality should be allowed to use condoms to help prevent HIV.  It is never right to make an evil action "safe" or "safer" so that one can commit the evil act with impunity.  To want to reduce the consequences of an evil act is all part of the evil act and can only lead to even more evil.  To commit an evil act and to try to avoid the consequences of that evil act is not a virtue, but is the nature of sin.

Yours sincerely

Chris Mason, Co-ordinator, United for Life