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On 5 May 2005 a General Election took place.  You may or may not agree with who was elected as your MP, but that should not stop you from finding out what his or her views are on various issues.  Now is the time to begin to lobby your MP before any changes are proposed for our laws.  For instance, it is thought that many MPs now believe it is time to look again at the age limit for abortions to be carried out.  The current limit is 24 weeks for most grounds but it is up to birth in some instances.

There is some suggestion that 20 weeks should be the limit to kill unborn children by abortion as modern technology is now capable of sustaining life at ever earlier ages, and that, with the use of 4D scans the baby can be seen to be alive and moving and is obviously an individual in his or her own right.  Using the viability argument still means hundreds of thousands of babies will die each year, because they are not viable outside the womb.  If they are if left in the womb then the argument of viability is lost because the womb is the best place for such young children to grow naturally.  If you were placed underwater or on the moon without proper life support, then your life would no longer be viable and you would die.

Those who promote abortion would like to see the limit reduced to 12 weeks, not because they care about the child in the womb but rather, they say, that up till that time abortion should be available on demand without the consent of any doctor for any or no reason.  In effect, this would mean abortion being used as another form of 'contraception' except conception would obviously have taken place.  Currently two doctors are supposed to assess the mother to confirm that the pregnancy should be artificially terminated early resulting in a dead baby.  All pregnancies terminate at some point, preferably with a live birth.  It is assumed that abortion up to birth will still be sought for the 'hard cases' that cannot be detected within the first twelve weeks.

In the UK We already have easy access to the Pill, condoms and the morning after pill as well as virtual abortion on demand, but the advocates of abortion want even easier abortion on demand up to 12 weeks in case the contraceptives fail.  Casual sex at an ever younger age is also producing higher cases of sexually transmitted diseases, which if it is a virus, is for life.  The health of our nation is seriously at risk yet the laws may be changed again that will actually promote failed policies.

Using the issues below, now is the time to ask your MP how he or she will vote about circumstances before any further voting on these policies takes place.  

  1. Abortion, Contraception, Morning After Pill, Condoms, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Foreign Policy
  2. Euthanasia, Mental Incapacity, Withdrawal of Food and Fluid
  3. Stem Cell Research - adult, unborn, umbilical cord
  4. Sex Education in schools - including abstinence/chastity education
  5. Marriage - between male and female only or same sex marriage
  6. Gender changes and how that affects Christian organisations
  7. Pornography - Paedophilia - Age of Consent
  8. Stay at home mothers - working mothers - child care

The above is not an exhaustive list, but is to help you in questioning your MP to find out how they would vote NOT 'what their views are'.  If you care for your family, please make an effort to lobby your MP when issues arise so that they will know that there are people in their constituency who care for life from conception to natural death.