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NHS Abortion Costs

The figures for babies killed by abortion for 2004 of 185,400 show a rise from the 2003 figures of 181,600.  These killings have been sanctioned by the Government and paid for mainly by the NHS.  82% (152,028) of all abortions in 2004 were funded by the NHS with 51% (77,535) of these being contracted out to the private sector.   It can be seen by viewing the abortion providers sites just how much they charge for each killing, depending on how old the baby is.  Assuming the least amount charged (450) this would mean the private sector are charging the NHS a minimum of 34,890,750 or nearly thirty five million pounds in 2004 to kill our children.

It says on the British Pregnancy Advisory Service website (under About bpas - Organisation) "bpas currently provides abortion care on behalf of more than 150 primary care organisations and is responsible for 50% of NHS-funded abortions undertaken by specialist agencies.  bpas is licensed by the Department of Health and inspected by the Health Care Commission."  Their charges from 1 April 2006 are:

Early medical abortion up to 9 weeks485
Medical 10-19 weeks750
Medical induction 19-24 weeks1,260
Manual vacuum aspiration up to 10 weeks485
Local anaesthetic 10-14 weeks560
General anaesthetic up to 14 weeks560
General anaesthetic 15-19 weeks750
Late surgical 18-22 weeks1,260
Late surgical 23-24 weeks1,640

Marie Stopes which kills 60,000 babies a year by abortion charges:

Medical abortion up to 9 weeks (RU486 - the abortion pill)455
Surgical abortion up to 12 weeks - day care (non-anaesthetic)510
Surgical abortion up to 14 weeks - day care (conscious sedation)565
Surgical abortion up to 14 weeks - day care (general anaesthetic)585
Surgical abortion 14+1-19 weeks - day care (concious sedation)710
Surgical abortion 14+1-19 weeks - day care (general anaesthetic)745
Surgical abortion 19+1-24 weeks - day care (general anaesthetic)1,395

The Government committed an extra 40 million to improve access to contraceptive services - part of the 300 million for sexual health announced in the Public Health White Paper in 2004.  Couldn't this money and the money the government pay out annually to kill our children by abortion, paid for by all taxpayers, be better used by the NHS to treat people who are actually ill and need vital medicines and operations rather than squandered on people whose sex lives should have nothing to do with the government or the NHS, until such times as they contract the sexually transmitted diseases that is bound to happen because of the promiscuity that abounds today due to the failed sex education and abortion policies?