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America's Largest Mass Grave
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America's Largest Mass Grave

On 6 October 1985 in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in East Los Angeles there was a burial of 16,500 unborn babies that had been found in February 1982.  Workers had opened a large shipping container that had been repossessed from the owner of a medical lab in Southern California.  It was filled with buckets of the results of thousands of abortions.  A flat gravestone marks the spot with the inscription "In Memory of the 16,500 precious unborn buried here.  Oct 6, 1985.

This grave was 'accidental'.  Many people fought against it.  Yet in some respects it is a token grave for the millions of babies worldwide who have died in this way and who have never had a grave, let alone a tombstone.  Without this grave there would probably be few people who would ever remember these tiny individuals, created in the image of God, yet destroyed as being of no value to anyone.

27 October 2005 will be the 38th year since the killing of babies by abortion was introduced into the UK.  There is no mass grave or very few, if any, individual graves to remember the six million plus babies that have been killed since that time.  Normally the hospital or clinic that carries out these killings 'disposes' of the remains of the babies.  Mothers do not ask, nor are told, what happens to the 'products of conception', yet each of these tiny children deserve to be remembered not just secretly in the hearts and minds of their mothers, but by the very society that endorsed their brutal deaths.  But to do that would be to acknowledge the truth that abortion kills babies and harms mothers.

Until such time that memorials are erected in each and every cemetery to remember babies killed by abortion, the secrecy surrounding each one will ensure that the killings continue.

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