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Campaigning Issues

Make Poverty History

The Make Poverty History website says "Every single day, 30,000 children are dying as a result of extreme poverty.  This year, 2005, we finally have the resources, knowledge and opportunity to end this shameful situation."

It then asks readers to join the band of people who are taking action to make poverty history and by spending a matter of minutes every week or month they anticipate that it will help them to literally change the world.

Sadly there is no mention of the 50 million (1) children killed by abortion each year.

Whilst going through the list of those organisations that have already signed up to 'Make Poverty History', it is extremely interesting and curious to see such diverse groups as Christian, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Humnanists, Lesbians and Gays, One Worlders, Trade Unions, Sikhs, Church groups, and various other organisations across the whole spectrum of life.

It is hoped that all the organisations that have signed up for Make Poverty History will desire to see the eradication of the killing of children by abortion and will sign up to the ten commitments that Make Abortion History wants.

There are however, at least two other groups who have signed up for Make Poverty History who will not wish to see the killing of children by abortion stopped anywhere, let alone worldwide:

  • International Planned Parenthood Federation whose web home page says "IPPF is the world's foremost voluntary, non-governmental provider and advocate of sexual and reproductive health (2) and rights".  In their Strategic Plan booklet 'Vison 2000' they say "This strategic thinking, planning and management process must ensure that IPPF and all its FPA members can be held accountable, individually and collectively, for being THE conscience and THE leader of the family planning movement in the NGO sector."

  • Marie Stopes International's web home page states "The Marie Stopes International Global Partnership provides sexual and reproductive health information and services to 4.2 million people worldwide in 37 countries across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East".

Apart from the fact that in the Bible in Matthew 26 verse 11, Mark 14 verse 7 and John 12 verse 8 (3), where Jesus says "you will always have the poor", it is strange that Christians seem to be enjoining themselves with organisations of all faiths and none, in pursuit of making poverty history, yet ignoring the 50 million children who are created in God's image and are killed by abortion each year worldwide.

Or is this to be the greatest evangelistic event ever where all the Christians will speak out to those at the Live8 concerts and G8 rallies against the sins of the nations, including the blood that is shed in killing 500 (4) babies every day in the UK by abortion, and seeking God's mercy for our land and forgiveness for not having spoken out against this atrocity up until now?

Will they also all join future MediaMarches against the moral decline in this nation?

Nowhere in any UN documents or Make Poverty History literature is it likely that any mention of sin and the saving grace of Jesus will be found.  Yet unless everyone confesses their sins and accepts Jesus as Lord, then they will continue to live in spiritual poverty no matter how much material wealth they have.

Yes, let's make poverty and abortion history, but let us also ensure that everyone has the offer of eternal life through Christ's crucifixion, resurrection and ascension first and foremost.


  1. UK LifeLeague's Make Abortion History postcard to Tony Blair campaign
  2. Reproductive Health is 'UN Speak' for abortion - see C-Fam Friday Fax 11 February 2005.
  3. NIV Bible
  4. UK national abortion statistics

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