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Make Poverty History
UN calls all to join in Make Poverty History
Letter To Charities
urging them to
Make Abortion History
As of June 2005
Make Abortion History
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Press Release
- 6 June 05 -
Make Abortion History
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Make Abortion History challenges UN WorldNetDaily Exclusive
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Campaigning Issues

United for Life
Make Abortion History

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The right to life
What United for Life wants
How aid charities and others have violated human rights
British taxes fund human rights abuses
UN Millennium Development Goals - and the promotion of abortion
Make abortion history - has a history
The Commitments we want from charities and others

Organisations by Category we are lobbying

Full List & 'Quick Link' to charities & organisations we are lobbying

The right to life

As reported in the media (1) there is an international campaign by charities and others in Britain to 'make poverty history'.  However, we need to remind ourselves that the 'right to life' is the fundamental right upon which all other rights are based.  The right to food, education, health care, clean water or housing for instance, are meaningless if there is no 'right to life'.   To make poverty history we have to realise that 'the nations with legalised abortion are the poorest of nations. The great destroyer of peace in the world today is the crime against the innocent unborn child'. (2)

In an abortion a tiny human life is torn apart and thrown away.  Since the 1967 Abortion Act, six million two hundred thousand (6,200,000) (3) children have been killed by abortion in Britain alone.  Every week in Britain, 3,500 children are deliberately killed by surgical abortion and an untold number of tiny human lives are killed because they were unable to implant in their mother's womb as a consequence of their mothers taking the Pill or the 'morning after pill' (otherwise known as 'emergency contraception').  Still further tiny human lives are killed during IVF and human embryo experimentation, including human cloning and embryonic stem cell research.  In fact in March 2005 the United Nations banned human cloning. (4)  In the United States, since abortion became legal in 1973, forty five million (45,000,000) children have been killed by abortion.

Abortion violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration of the Rights of the Child  which states that, '...the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth.'

United for Life believes that any nation, charity, organisation or individual which supports, advocates or carries out abortion violates the human rights of the unborn, violates the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our Bible and Birth Control page shows how abortion, sterilisation and contraception violates the Christian faith.

What United for Life wants

United for Life is campaigning to 'make abortion history'.  To achieve this we challenge all charities, organisations and governments, to oppose all forms of abortion.  This includes opposing any method of contraception which works by preventing a tiny human life from implanting in the mother's womb - ie the Pill, IUD, Norplant, morning after pill and Depo Provera.  View our Natural Family Planning (NFP) webpage to read about how to live with nature and how to protect the environment from hormonal pollution. (5) Also view how scientifically advanced NFP is with NaPro Technology.

How aid charities and others have violated human rights

In his book 'Choices in Childbearing', Robert Whelan provides shocking details and references of how UNFPA, IPPF and other population control organisations have abused human rights, marriage and family life around the world.  He shows that UNFPA, IPPF and others have international targets to reduce human fertility while integrating this policy with international health and food aid programmes and shows how population control can be made to look like family planning.  For example, some aid programmes have only provided a village with a water-well if all the men are sterilised and that, as reported in IPPF's People magazine, a woman receives 20kg of rice and two weeks holiday if an IUD is inserted, 100kg of rice and lighter duties at work for a sterilisation. (6)

Despite years of international activity and funding for contraception and abortion the care of women giving birth has little priority.  Dr Robert Walley , founder and director of  MaterCare International  ...'blames lack of international funding for maternal care for high rate of death among Third World women.   While billions are spent on birth control programmes, very little goes to the provision of emergency obstetric care.' (7)

British taxes fund human rights abuses

Millions of British taxpayers money ends up in the coffers of UNFPA, IPPF* and others who in turn have supported population control programmes such as the 'Chinese one-child-policy' where women have undergone forced or coercive abortions and sterilisations.  In India and other Asian countries thousands of forced or coercive sterilisations have taken place. (8)

UN Millennium Development Goals - and the promotion of abortion

The UN has called us all to join in Make Poverty History which is part of the UN's project called the "UN Millennium Development Goals".  However, the UN's Millennium Report calls for the Millennium Development Goals to include abortion.

Make abortion history - has a history

'Make abortion history' has a history.  United for Life would like to bring this history to your attention - just click on The Silent Holocaust.

The commitments we want from charities and others

United for Life's 'Make Abortion History' Commitments - 2006

Below is a link to a list of charities, organisations and government bodies.  United for Life urges them to make abortion history, and we urge them to ensure that their partner-organisations and any programmes which they or their partner-organisations support, make abortion history by making the following commitments:

  1. to oppose all forms of abortion
  2. to separate international, governmental and NGO aid, including health aid, from being given on condition that recipients** accept forced or coercive abortion, sterilisation or contraception (**recipients: including governments and individuals)
  3. to promote, support and fund natural family planning as authorised by the official NFP authorities such as WOOMB and FertilityCare.org
  4. to have a department or section within the charity, organisation or government body dedicated to opposing all forms of abortion
  5. to produce a policy document committing the charity or organisation to oppose all forms of abortion
  6. to oppose all forms of pro-abortion legislation
  7. to remove the term 'reproductive health'***  and  'reproductive rights'*** from all documents, policy and practice if 'reproductive health' or 'reproductive rights' means and/or includes abortion, sterilisation or contraception
  8. to lobby governments to withhold funding of UNFPA and IPPF and other population control organisations on the grounds that they fund abortion activities
  9. to oppose any method of contraception which works by preventing a tiny human life from implanting in their mother's womb, ie the Pill, IUD, Norplant, morning-after pill and Depo Provera et al
  10. to ensure that in financial and economic terms human lives, from conception**** to natural death are not considered as 'burdens' or 'commodities' but as 'potential customers' of goods and services with the right to life

We call upon all charities, organisations and government bodies to protect men, women and children from all forms of abortion.

Charities, organisations and government bodies we are lobbying  
A - Z
Organisations by Category we are lobbying

Full List & 'Quick Link' to organisations we are lobbying

Join in our lobby of these organisations
making your concerns known to them
urge them to withhold support for abortion
make abortion history.

* IPPF, which has its headquarters in London, is responsible for the fpa (Family Planning Association) around the world (9), including giving 'enthusiastic support' for the Chinese forced one-child policy. (10)
** recipients: including governments and individuals.
*** Western countries and their organisations, now referred to as 'The North', have exported abortion, sterilisation and contraception to the poorest of the world, often coercively linked to aid and under the guise of 'reproductive health' or 'reproductive rights' where untold numbers of tiny humans have been killed by abortion, and where thousands of adults have been sterilised, but where records are not as diligently kept as in more developed countries.
**** Conception is when a human sperm fertilises a human ovum.


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  2. International campaigner for the world's poor and Nobel Peace prize winner - Mother Teresa
  3. UK national abortion statistics
  4. MichNews.com   Also see C-Fam.org
  5. Hormonal pollution - see BBC News - Male fish change sex - with the contraceptive pill, 10 July, 2004.
  6. Choices in Childbearing by Robert Whelan - published by The Committee on Population and the Economy - ISBN 0 946680 42 6
  7. WCR, May 24, 2004. Article on MaterCare - about how MaterCare helps prevent birth complications in Africa and around the world
  8. Ibid.  Robert Whelan shows that in 1985 the US withdrew funding from UNFPA and IPPF on evidence provided to the US government that UNFPA and IPPF were funding abortion activities in China.
  9. IPPF states in its 'Vision 2000 - Strategic Plan' - page 3 - that,  ...'IPPF and all its FPA members can be held accountable, individually and collectively, for being THE conscience and THE leader of the family planning movement in the NGO sector.' (emphasis IPPF)
  10. PRI - Population Research Institute - this organisation documents the human rights abuses of population control organisations around the world.  See how IPPF, which has its headquarters in London, is responsible for the fpa (Family Planning Association) around the world, and how IPPF gave 'enthusiastic support' for the Chinese forced one-child-policy.

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