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Make Abortion History
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Make Abortion History
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Make Abortion History
Charities & Organisations We Are Lobbying
International Human Rights Instruments
Forgiven from
the Sin of Abortion
- A Personal Testimony
What is going on in Christian Crisis Pregnancy Counselling?
by Dr ES Williams
Healing After Abortion
Further Reading :
Human Rights and the Millennium Development Goals
Make Poverty History
The UN's "Millennium Development Goals" - and the promotion of abortion
Evidence of British Taxes Funding 'enthusiastic support' for Forced & Coercive Abortion Activities by TibetTruth.com
G8 Summit Push to Force Abortion on Africa
The UN's Support for China's Forced Abortion Policy & The Nations Which Fund Them
The Inherent Racism of Population Control
UN calls all to join in Make Poverty History
Make Abortion History
in PDF format
Press Release
- 6 June 05 -
Make Abortion History
Letter To Charities urging them to Make Abortion History
As of June 2005
Contraceptives Highly Carcinogenic - WHO Report
Condom Promotion in Uganda May Increase HIV Risk
Press/Media Coverage :-
Make Abortion History challenges UN WorldNetDaily Exclusive
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Make Abortion History
Charities & Organisations

Type of Activities List

Below you will find a list of Types of Activities for the Charities and other Organisations we are lobbying to Make Abortion History.  Click on each heading below to find organisations listed in that category.  As the campaign grows each category will be added to.

A full list of organisations we are lobbying and a 'Quick Link' to our report on each of them can be found on our Full List  page.






Government Departments & MPs (UK)

Health - Medical

Human Rights