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Make Abortion History
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Companies we are lobbying to make abortion history

United for Life has written to a number of businesses urging them to committ themselves to make abortion history.  Further organisations can be found on our Charities and Health Organisations lists.

Below is a list of businesses we are lobbying.  You can see if they have replied to our letter campaign and view any commitments thay may have made.  United for Life's Make Abortion History Campaign is an ongoing event tracking each organisation's progress in their commitment and universal duty to protect children from being killed by abortion.

  Organisation Name
Make Abortion History Commitment Results
View Their Reply & Our Ongoing Campaign
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Received No Reply
View our ongoing campaign
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Received No Reply
View our ongoing campaign
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Received No Reply
View our ongoing campaign
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View our ongoing campaign

Join in our lobby of these organisations
making your concerns known to them
urge them to withhold support for abortion
make abortion history.

United for Life is currently writing to a list of businesses to urge them to commit themselves to make abortion history.

The commitments we want from charities and others

  1. to oppose all forms of abortion
  2. to separate international, governmental and NGO aid, including health aid, from being given on condition that recipients** accept forced or coercive abortion, sterilisation or contraception (**recipients: including governments and individuals)
  3. to promote, support and fund natural family planning as authorised by the official NFP authorities such as WOOMB and FertilityCare.org
  4. to have a department or section within their charity, organisation or government body dedicated to opposing all forms of abortion
  5. to produce a policy document committing them to oppose all forms of abortion
  6. to oppose all forms of pro-abortion legislation
  7. to remove the term 'reproductive health'***  and  'reproductive rights'*** from all documents, policy and practice if 'reproductive health' or 'reproductive rights' means and/or includes abortion, sterilisation or contraception
  8. to lobby governments to withhold funding of UNFPA and IPPF and other population control organisations on the grounds that they fund abortion activities
  9. to oppose any method of contraception which works by preventing a tiny human life from implanting in their mother's womb, ie the Pill, IUD, Norplant, morning-after pill and Depo Provera
  10. to ensure that in financial and economic terms human lives, from conception**** to natural death are not considered as 'burdens' or 'commodities' but as 'potential customers' of goods and services with the right to life

We call upon all charities, organisations and government bodies to protect women and children from all forms of abortion.

** recipients: including governments and individuals.
*** Western countries and their organisations, now referred to as 'The North', have exported abortion, sterilisation and contraception to the poorest of the world, often coercively linked to aid and under the guise of 'reproductive health' or 'reproductive rights' where untold numbers of tiny humans have been killed by abortion, and where thousands of adults have been sterilised, but where records are not as diligently kept as in more developed countries.
**** Conception is when a human sperm fertilises a human ovum.

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