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Bombing of London

In a speech to the House of Commons on Monday 11 July 2005 Tony Blair, Prime Minister, told MPs: "The whole House, I know, will want to state our feelings strongly.  We express our revulsion at this murderous carnage of the innocent.  We send our deep and abiding sympathy and prayers to the victims and their families.  We are united in our determination that our country will not be defeated by such terror, but will defeat it and emerge from this horror with our values, our way of life, our tolerance and respect for others undiminished."

Although he was talking about the atrocious bombs that were detonated in the London Underground and on board a London double decker bus, we would ask when will he state similar sentiments for the 180,000 babies killed each year by abortion?  And whilst, at the time of writing, there have been 52 people killed and over 700 hundred injured in the bombing incident in London on Thursday 7 July 2005, there would also have been approximately 500 babies killed throughout the UK by abortion on that same day.  The number of those injured mentally, physically and spiritually is unknown as the killing of children by abortion effects all those involved in the killing.

Surely the killing of our own children by abortion is just as great if not greater terrorism than that carried out by the bombers?