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Bob Geldof has planned numerous concerts worldwide for July 05 in support of the current 'Make Poverty History' campaign.

He has also rallied the nation to descend on Edinburgh after the concerts to protest at the G8 Summit to encourage the leaders to 'Make Poverty History'.

How many of the thousands who will attend these events, or the expected millions who will watch these events worldwide, who care so passionately for the starving children of third world countries make their voices heard to support the 'Make Abortion History' campaigns that are now ongoing?  Or is it okay to kill the children in the womb and destroy the lives of their mothers and families whose actual existence depends on them having as many children as they wish - not the number of children Western idealologists insist?

For those in countries where there is no pension scheme, children look after their parents in old age - or they did until the West exported our values and condoms that has meant many children now no longer have parents and are being cared for by elderly grandparents or extended families.  Why should we think or believe that our way of life is suitable for those whose culture is so different from ours?

Babies are our future - Abortion kills babies

To make poverty history - let us

'Make Abortion History'