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Our bodies are not our own

The Threats to Marriage and Family Life

We not only need to identify what the threats to marriage and family life are but also from where these threats come.

It needs to be understood that the threats to marriage and family life are deliberately planned and orchestrated by major international organisations which filter down to national government and non-governmental organisations, even infiltrating Christian organisations.

It is paradoxical that the 'Listening 2004' discussion is in celebration of the UN's Year of the Family since the UN, and in particular, the UNFPA (United Nations Fund for Population Activities) and its partner organisation IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation) - which has its international headquarters in London - are one of the greatest threats to marriage and family life throughout the world.

The UNFPA and IPPF, which is internationally responsible for national FPA's (family planning associations),(2) promotes abortion, contraception and sterilisation, including forced or coercive programmes, and programmes for children even against national laws.(3)

Robert Whelan, in his book, Choices in Childbearing, provides shocking details and references of how UNFPA, IPPF and other population control organisations have abused human rights, marriage and family life around the world.  He shows that UNFPA, IPPF and others have international targets to reduce human fertility while integrating this policy with international health and food aid programmes and shows how population control can be made to look like family planning.  For example, some aid programmes have only provided a village with a water-well if all the men are sterilised.(4)

Via their web sites and regular news briefings two United States Catholic organisations PRI (Population Research Institute)(5) and C-FAM (6) both provide excellent regular and up to date information on the activities of UNFPA, IPPF, WHO(7) (World Health Organisation) and other population control organisations.

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