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Our bodies are not our own

Parents Right's

Another threat to marriage and family life is the threat from the state and the ideology of removing from parents their right to bring up their children.  You will notice that the removal of parents right's is specifically aimed at issues of sexuality, sex education and disciplinary activity reinforced by issues of confidentiality.

In his book, Lessons in Depravity, Dr ES Williams argues that 'if the purpose of sex education has been to protect young people against the damaging consequences of sexual activity, then it has been a spectacular failure.  However, if the real purpose of sex education has been to promote the sexual revolution, as I argue in this book, then it has been remarkably successful.'(11)  Under the section Parental responsibility he continues, 'it is the responsibility of parents, Christian and non-Christian alike, to teach their children a moral framework on which to build their lives...those children who have been taught about chastity and self-control gain no benefit from being told about contraceptive techniques and how to 'be prepared' for sex.'(12)

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