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Our bodies are not our own

The Bible and Birth Control - Catholics are not alone

Catholics often feel they are the only ones opposed to contraception.  However, this is not the case.  The book 'Bible and Birth Control'(8) shows that every Christian is called by God to oppose contraception.  United for Life is itself run by a Roman Catholic and an Evangelical married couple.  We highly recommend this book and some information on it can be found in the appendix to this publication.  In the same vein, Humanae Vitae is not just for Catholics, it is for the whole world.

Dr ES Williams, a former Director of Public Health in the UK and author of the recently published book 'Lessons in Depravity' about the history of sex education and how completely alien it is to Christianity, has also produced a range of excellent leaflets.  The leaflets entitled Sex Education and The Bible, Marriage and Cohabitation and Abstinence or Chastity?, plus more information on his book, are included in the appendix of this publication.

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