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Our bodies are not our own

Abstinence and Chastity Education

It must be understood that in response to sex education in schools and the consequential spiritual, physical and psychological damage, abstinence education was developed.  However, the sexologists have hijacked and distorted abstinence education to the extent that they now offer abstinence as one choice among many. This differs from Christianity because Christ and his Apostles call us to chastity which Dr ES Williams makes clear in his leaflet Sex Education and The Bible.  Therefore careful discernment is needed when considering abstinence education programmes for schools and should in fact be chastity and marriage based programmes.

The Abstinence Clearinghouse, a United States based organisation, shows that abstinence education is achieving success we can only dream of here in the UK.  Their press release, February 2004, a copy of which is included in this publication, states 'teenage pregnancy rate drops as teenage virginity rises for tenth straight year.'(9)  This figure puts the so called caring UK condom promotion policy to shame.  The UK hasn't even got an abstinence programme never mind one that is ten years down the line.  A Harvard University study shows that by promoting abstinence Uganda has reduced its HIV epidemic 50% in 8 years and achieved a drop in the rate of sexual partners from 18% in 1989 to 2.5% in 2000.(10)

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