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Killing the Incapacitated Whilst Supporting Suicide Bombers
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Killing the Incapacitated Whilst Supporting Suicide Bombers

In 2004 Leslie Burke, who has a degenerative brain condition won a ruling in the High Court to prevent doctors withdrawing his nutrition should he become incapable of being able to tell them or communicate to them that he wants to continue to receive food and water in the final stages of his life.  On Thursday 28 July 2005 this ruling was overturned on appeal by the General Medical Council.  Not only does this mean that a doctor can, in theory, withdraw Leslie's nutrition (food and water) as soon as he is no longer able to speak or communicate effectively thus overriding his personal wishes, and instigating Leslie's death by starvation or thirst over a week or so, but it also means that anybody else in a similar position is now at the mercy of the doctors.  This ruling is an incitement to kill by doctors.

At the same time this ruling was overturned by the three judges led by Master of the Rolls, Lord Phillips, suspected London suicide bombers and their accomplices are being chased and arrested.  Following their trials by jury, they will no doubt be given lengthy prison sentences where they will be fed, clothed, kept warm, taught a trade, allowed family visits all at the taxpayers expense.  No harm must come to them otherwise there will be uproar in some quarters, especially from some human rights campaigners.  The state will bend over backwards to ensure every need and possibly every want is catered for.  At the end of their individual sentences will come the dilemma of whether to allow them to live in this country, possibly under a new name and even with police protection, again at taxpayers expense, or to send them to their country of origin if they were not born here, where they may well become active suicide bombers again either here or in some other country.

The Leslie Burkes of life, however, will not have access to a trial as the bombers have but have been condemned to die by the directive of a doctor who has, by virtue of his position, become judge and jury over a person's life and those who carry out the removal of the feeding tubes will not be in a position to object even though they have been trained to save life, not take it away.  Capital punishment may no longer be used for prisoners, but something similar can now be used for innocent patients some who are in the last stages of dying and some who are only incapacitated but not actually dying as in the recent case of Terri Schiavo.  In time the medical profession will argue for the right to use a lethal injection (as used on death row prisoners in the USA) to speed the process of killing innocent patients as it is too upsetting for the medical staff to watch someone dying in agony over many days or weeks.  It is probable that some of those who have had feeding tubes removed, may have had to be given morphine to alleviate the pain of being starved to death.

Why is it that prisoners, no matter what their crime, can be well treated but incapacitated patients are seen as a costly burden that need to be got rid of?