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United for Life's website is a resource linking health and human life issues, organisations, facts and history, of a medical, scientific, social, political and religious nature including both national and international items.

We hope to encourage you to think through the issues raised and to see how they are related and, through our Action page, how they can be acted upon.

Please visit our Healing page if you have had an abortion or supported someone who has.

Last updated: 12 May 2013

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We are NOT United for Life Ethiopia

12 May 2013

On Saturday 4 May 2013 we received a phone call from someone asking us if we were United for Life and if we supported the death penalty for homosexuals.  We were able to explain that we are against the killing of anyone and that we are pro-life supporting life from conception to natural death.  He then brought to our attention an article in The Huffington Post where pro-lifers and Evangelicals were apparently calling for the death penalty for homosexuals in Ethiopia.  We explained that we were not aware of the article, and had no idea of the groups who might be involved but it was not us.  He suggested we look into this which we said we would do.  We looked at the article and saw it mentioned United for Life Ethiopia, a group that until this was brought to our attention, we had not heard of.  We tried to find them online but were unable to do so.

We then began to receive emails from Rainbow Ethiopia's petition 'Stop Promoting Homophiobia in Ethiopia'.  We tried to contact the orginators of the petition to explain that this had nothing to do with us and to remove our name from the petition.  It took nearly a week for the Director of Rainbow Ethiopia to finally respond to our emails.  Apparently, without checking properly first, Rainbow Ethiopia had found our website and found our page Why Ethiopia which is part of our 'Make Abortion History' campaign.  The Director of Rainbow Ethiopia took this as 'proof' that we were linked to United for Life Ethiopia (UFLE) and thus we were obviously the UK group that were funding UFLE and so our name and address details were added to the petition.

However, had the director actually read what that page says he would have seen that we are explaining why Ethiopia, its Government, doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, midwives, youth workers, aid organisations, religious leaders, secularists, the media, women's and human rights organisations MUST OPPOSE the killing of children by abortion, contraception, human embryo experimentation, IVF, human cloning and related activities; and how such activities are modern forms of slavery, destroy the environment, and how Human Rights apply.

Nowhere does it state that we are promoting homophiobia or support the killing of homosexuals in Ethiopia.  Our name and contact details were thankfully removed from the petition on Saturday 11 May 2013, although we have received no apology from Rainbow Ethiopia for including us in the first place on the assumption that we were linked to UFLE, nor has this been explained on the petition that our details have been removed or why.

During the time of trying to have our details removed from the petition we did our research and from the petition found a link through to an article in the GayStarNews.  This article includes a video link that we watched from beginning to end.  You may well find this video offensive to watch, but if you are interested in what UFLE have to say on this issue then you will need to watch and listen carefully to the end of the video.

We thank Rainbow Ethiopia for bringing this to our attention.


Please read this heartbreaking story of a possible disabled unborn baby's life and death.   Daily Mail 25 October 2012.

I submitted a comment at 9.37am, which of course, received red arrows until it was removed.

My comment says "How very sad that Hilary followed the advice of the doctors and allowed her baby daughter Elodie to die in such a manner.   Had she continued with the pregnancy and allowed nature to take its course she would have still held her baby after birth and no matter how long Elodie lived for Hilary would know that at least Elodie was given every opportunity to have life and that she, Hilary, had not killed her.   Yes, there was a chance that Elodie could have been still born naturally but again Hilary would not now be suffering the guilt of knowing that she had allowed a poison to be injected into her daughter's heart to kill her.   Doctor's used to take the Hippocratic Oath that says 'first do no harm'.   Sadly that is no longer the case and babies with possible disabilities are deemed not worthy of life and the parents are encouraged to kill their child in the heartbreaking way Hilary has described.   Elodie, in Hilary's view was a fighter who wanted to live.   Doctors did not allow that to happen."

The Daily Mail now limits the length of comments so I was unable to say anything further.

Please check out this video "You Deserve to Know the Truth: Contraception" uploaded on 22 October 2012.

Update on Abortion Breast Cancer Link - 13 August 2012.



Stop Eugenics Now to protect persons with disabilities.  This petition is especially relevant for groups, families or individuals EU wide who help support people with Down Syndrome.

We are in the process of updating this website so please bear with us whilst this mammoth task is undertaken.  There might well be some links that no longer work but we hope this problem will be kept to a minimum.  Thank you for your patience during this work.

Sister Website :  May Blossom Ministries

Saturday 27 October 2012 will be the commemoration of the 45th Anniversary of The Abortion Act 1967.  In recognition that over eight million children will have been killed by abortion in that time in the UK, and to help ease the pain caused to and by those left behind who are still suffering, we have created a healing website.  The site is called May Blossom Ministries where we pray that each person responding to it 'may blossom' into the person God intended them to be.  It is primarily aimed at grieving mothers, but hopefully will be beneficial to all members of society.

Sister Website :  Make Abortion History

Make Abortion History  is another website that we have created.  The Make Abortion History Campaign was originally developed by United for Life in 2005.  However, it was decided to separate the Make Abortion History Campaign from United for Life’s website because the Campaign has grown to thousands of pages and it is planned that it will grow and develop much further.

Father and son

Obama And Abortion - See  C-Fam Friday Fax - 15 October 2009


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