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The Horlicks Advert

Have you seen the adverts on the TV where people do something nasty to others - the airport baggage handlers who throw fragile luggage onto the conveyor belt or the traffic warden who waits for the meter to run out and instantly issues a parking ticket - then the question is asked 'How do they sleep at night'?   They are then shown drinking a cup of Horlicks.

How different would the answer be if the same question was asked of those who promote or actually kill babies by medical or surgical abortion?

  • Doctors who perform the operation
  • Nurses who assist the surgeons and have to dispose of the baby parts or work on the wards before or after the procedure
  • Other ward staff
  • Abortion counsellors
  • Manufacturers who design, build and supply the machines and instruments used in abortions
  • MPs who have voted for abortion
  • Clergy who refuse to speak out against abortion
  • Pharmacists who sell the morning after pill or issue other contraceptives that prevent implantation
  • Drug company employees who produce the drugs that kill unborn children either by preventing implantation or by preventing the womb from sustaining life
  • GPs who sign the abortion consent forms
  • Lawyers who write the legislation for the killing of the unborn
  • Teachers or school nurses who promote abortion in schools
  • and all others who support the killing of babies by abortion

How do they sleep at night?