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60th Anniversary of Hiroshima
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60th Anniversary of Hiroshima - 2005

On 6 August 1945 America dropped an atomic bomb that exploded over Hiroshima, Japan wiping out the city and killing approximately 140,000 people.  Many of those who survived later died from their wounds or from radiation.  Commemoration services have taken place in Hiroshima to remember the event of 60 years ago.  60 years on some still survive but the events of that day are seared into their memories.  Nuclear survivors are called 'Hibakusha'.  Kofi Annan, Head of the UN has said that we are all 'Hibakusha' (as we are all survivors of the nuclear blast).  This mass killing took place in a matter of seconds.

In this country latest figures on how many babies have been killed by abortion have been released showing that in 2004 185,400 babies died.  In 2003 there were 181,600 babies killed by abortion in the UK.  Since 1968 when the killing of children by abortion under the 1967 Abortion Act actually commenced there have been over six million (6,000,000) babies killed, nearly 43 Hiroshimas.  Their mothers are 'Hibakusha' as is the rest of society (as we are all survivors of a great atrocity) yet there are no mass commemorations - no public outcry - no memorial sites - in fact, no acknowledgement that there is anything wrong, except from a few pro-lifers who constantly speak out against the killing of babies by abortion but are derided for their beliefs as being fundamentalists and intolerant.

Due to the secrecy that surrounds the killing of our children by abortion, the pain caused by the knowledge that our babies are being killed by abortion has to be suppressed.  Post Abortion Syndrome - the western world's equivalent for 'Habikusha' is often denied as even existing - denial is one of the symptoms of PAS.  Until PAS can be acknowledged the healing of our nation cannot take place.  Forgiveness of the sin of killing a child by his or her mother can only occur once the mother is encouraged to admit she has done wrong.

The people of Hiroshima who died due to the nuclear bomb were unaware of what was about to happen.  They were sinners, as we all are, who may never have had the opportunity to find salvation through the blood of Jesus who died for each of us.  The eternal fate of the innocent babies who die because their mothers choose to kill them by abortion, for whatever reason, can only be left to our righteous and just God to decide.  But those who are still alive today have the opportunity to come to Father God through Jesus' death on the cross once they have confessed their sins and repented of their actions.

This is the true message of peace that the world needs.  We have seen that bombs cannot bring peace, only destruction.  We can see that killing babies by abortion doesn't solve any problems, it only creates more.

May the Lord have mercy on us all and may He shine His light of truth into the darkness of the pain and fear that is perpetrated by killing.