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Are you a Herod or a Joseph?
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Are you a Herod or a Joseph?

Were you born after 27th October 1967?  That was the date when the Abortion Act became law.  However, it wasn’t until 27th April 1968 when the killings began as the doctors needed six months to be trained in how to carry out abortion procedures.  Since then, in the UK, there have been over 6,000,000 babies killed by abortion.  If you were born after 27th April 1968 then your mother chose to continue with the pregnancy.  Frightening isn’t it?  You might not have had the opportunity of life.

This date also means that in your lifetime there have always been doctors that are willing to kill and not cure; that there have been politicians that have not voted for life, but have voted for death for UK babies; that means millions of women (and the number is rising by 500 daily) have been walking around wounded by the pain of knowing their baby died a horrible death; that means people who should have been your friends, family, spouse, never saw the light of day.  The younger you are, the more thankful you should be that your mother chose to continue with the pregnancy, as we now have abortion on demand in the UK, with some people pushing for even easier abortions without acknowledging they are putting women’s health at risk by their actions.

Yet you made it.  You were born.  Some would even say you are a survivor of abortion.  What is your response now you know you too could have been aborted because of the law of the land and the silence of the majority?  What is your priority in life?  Is life itself your priority or are you content with letting others speak out for the unborn and their mothers (and fathers) who need help and support in their choice for life?

Your mother chose you - What do you choose to do now?

Were you born before 27th October 1967?  If you were really lucky (if luck is the right word for a Christian) then you may have been born before 27th April 1968.  The six months between those dates, for some women, must have seemed a very unfair time as the law said abortion was allowed with the consent of two doctors, but not yet.  They would have had to have carried on with their pregnancies.  Yet what a relief for each of them upon giving birth to realise that, had it been after 27th April 1968 they might just have killed the bundle of joy they were holding.

Prior to the Abortion Act there were some abortions carried out.  They were not all ‘backstreet abortions using a kitchen table and a knitting needle’ as society was led to believe.  Many were performed by doctors privately.  It was these doctors who trained the NHS doctors in the procedures during the six month gap.

Generally speaking, your mother probably had no choice about continuing with the pregnancy, even if you were conceived ‘in sin’.  You may have been adopted as a baby, but at least you are alive now.  You may have had a hard life, being one of many siblings, but how fortunate to have your life and possibly to have nephews and nieces from those siblings.  You may have had a good life for which you have always been thankful.

Today women are led to believe, sadly even by some Christian agencies, that there are three options to a pregnancy - keep the baby, have the baby adopted or abortion (note they don’t actually say ‘kill the baby by abortion’).  Should women today have three choices?  Is killing a baby a choice?

Your mother had no ‘choice’. What do you choose to do now?

In some respects, the time of the Abortion Act becoming law is similar to Jesus’ birth.  A before and after event.  The date, as such, is irrespective.  It is the event that is important.  We read in the Bible that Herod killed all the young boys in the vicinity, yet Joseph, listening to God, protected Jesus.  How must Mary and Joseph felt when they heard that all the boys about two and under were killed yet their son had survived?

How do people today (those born after the Abortion Act became law) feel knowing that they were allowed to live but their peers were not?  Do we really think that the adults of Bethlehem didn’t put up any resistance to try and save the children, and were hurt in the process?  Yet that is what being in the pro-life movement is about.  Being like Joseph, protecting the baby and the mother.  Or being like those in Bethlehem who tried to protect the young, vulnerable, innocent children from the slaughter.

You may never have spoken out against abortion before, or you may even have encouraged someone to have an abortion, but some so-called ‘compassionate’ choices only lead to death.  Physical death of a baby and emotional and spiritual death of the mother of that child and of all those who supported the decision or remained silent when they should have said something.

Now abortion is a multi-million pound industry, partly funded by British taxpayers via Government funding.  Herod is alive and kicking, or rather alive and killing.  Killing our babies, killing our society.  There is no fence to sit on.  Each one of us has a choice.  To be like Joseph and listen to God and protect our children, or be like Herod and listen to man and destroy God’s plan.

What is your choice?

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Please visit our Healing page if you have had an abortion or supported someone who has.

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