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Heart Disease - UK's Biggest Killer?

In the British Heart Foundation's 2005 Compendium of Annual Statistics the report says "The statistics show that despite the falling death rate - largely as a result of healthcare advances - coronary heart disease is still the UK's single biggest killer, taking nearly 114,000 lives in 2003."

Yet annually there are over 180,000 babies killed by abortion each year, with the numbers rising.  That does not include babies who may have died because their mother's took the morning after pill, the ordinary contraceptive pill, used an injectable contraceptive or a contraceptive that is inserted under the skin, or used a IUD or IUS.  All these methods are known to prevent the child from implanting in the womb.  Nor does it include all the babies created in the laboratory for IVF or other experimental purposes who were also destroyed, by law, by 14 days gestation.

What does this tell us about our society where innocent unborn children are not only killed on a daily basis but are completely forgotten as though they never existed - except in the scarred memories of their mothers and those who actually care about them?

Perhaps the Government should be honest and tell the British Heart Foundation that although the figures for heart disease are high, they come nowhere near the even higher figures for babies that are killed by abortion each year in the UK. (1)(2)


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