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Catholics For a Free Choice
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Campaigning Issues

Catholics For a Free Choice

'Catholics for a Free Choice' - CFFC - is an anti-Catholic American lobby group working to promote abortion, contraception and many other issues opposed to the Gosple and the teaching of the Catholic Church.  They work by lobbying national RC bishops conferences.

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor  has won an award for 'condom promotion' from Catholics for a Free Choice.  So has CAFOD and a number of RC bishops around the world.

Catholics for a Free Choice refer to bishops who support condom use as 'Good Shepherds' and those bishops who oppose condom use are refered to as 'lost sheep'.

CFFC's website article reporting on their condom award to bishops and others is entitled:  'Good Catholics Use Condoms'.

United for Life  want everyone to know that the truth is :-


Related information

If you read our leaflet  'Could Condoms Leak HIV?'  you will find references to scientific evidence which shows that condom promotion could lead to the spread of HIV.  We encourage you to follow up the references for yourselves.

 Also our letters to the RC Bishops and our Blood Transfusion Service pages give further information.