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Fox Hunting

Are you from the town or country?  It seems as though it makes a difference to whether or not you support fox hunting.  For those who support fox hunting, they argue that it is their livelihood at stake and they are getting rid of vermin.  For those against fox hunting they say it is barbaric and the fox should not be torn apart.

The Blair Labour Government has gone out of its way to introduce legislation that supports the banning of fox hunting, seemingly oblivious to the ramifications banning fox hunting will bring.  The Government have been so keen to stop fox hunting they have even used The Parliament Act to ensure the bill was passed, an Act that is only supposed to be used in extreme cases or in times of an emergency.  Some of the activists have said that even if the ban goes through they will continue to hunt foxes.  They maintain that the ban will be not be able to be policed effectively, and they may be right for an occasional hunt.

Foxes, in fact all animals, have greater protection than the unborn human baby.  How many foxes are killed each year by hunting with hounds?  Did this legislation really need to be pushed through in the way that it has?  What was the hidden agenda behind this Bill becoming law?  How many anti-hunt activists would speak out so vociferously for the unborn human baby as well as the fox?  Why do we do to human babies what animal rights activists prevent happening to animals?  Unborn human babies are equally voiceless and vulnerable as any animal.

United for Life would like to ask the MPs, whether in the Government or Opposition, to actively introduce a bill that totally bans the barbaric killing of unborn children by abortion and to introduce this legislation in a similar way to the banning of fox hunting.  For those in the abortion industry - perhaps they can get other jobs where they do not kill our children.  Much needed money can be released that is currently used for abortions and used for other health needs, including fighting cancer and heart disease as well as no end of other needs that are currently seriously underfunded.  The money could even be used for counselling the millions of women who need help having acknowledged that they have been responsible for the death of their own child.

If abortion was banned, some say that there would be a return to back street abortion, so we must keep it legal.  Would there, though, be 3,000 backstreet abortions each week as is the current figure for abortions carried out, or would girls and women become more aware of their behaviour and the consequences and actually have any baby that may be conceived?  Would those desperate to adopt once again find that there are babies available?  Would the rates of teenage pregnancy and STDs drop when it is realised that abortion is not an answer to contraceptive failure?

If the Government can ban foxhunting, they can equally ban the killing of our children through abortion.  What is stopping them?  Please write to your MP and ask him or her.