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Forty Years of the Abortion Act 1967 - 2007

On 27 October 1967 the Abortion Act became Law.  Forty years have now passed and what has the law achieved?  It was supposedly introduced by David Steel MP primarily to stop back street abortions but in 1969, the first full year that abortion figures were available the number of children legally killed by abortion was 54,819.  By the end of 2002 the figure had reached 6 million.  We now have a figure of approximately 200,000 children killed by abortion each year which, while including medical abortions carried out by RU486 (up to nine weeks gestation) does not include any that may have taken place by the Morning After Pill, or indeed, by the use of ‘contraception’.

Instead of helping the relatively low number of poor women who may have sought ‘back street abortions’, as opposed to the women who could afford to ‘go private’ for their help with their unwanted pregnancy, we now have abortion on demand for anyone who wants to end their pregnancy whether it is carried out free on the NHS, subsidised by the NHS within an abortion clinic or paid for privately at an abortion clinic.  What is even worse is that it is now proposed by supporters of abortion that women should be able to abort at home using RU486 - taking us almost full circle to the time when a woman or young girl was left to deal with the consequences of her actions at home alone.

The supporters of abortion, if they get their way, are also working towards stopping the need for two doctors to agree ‘in good faith’ that an abortion is needed on the grounds that ‘The continuance of the pregnancy would involve risk of injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman greater than if the pregnancy were terminated’.  This is the main reason for the majority of abortions carried out, but how many of the doctors carry out adequate tests let alone intensive tests on these women who present themselves to ascertain that the pregnancy is really dangerous to her mental or physical health?

At the recent Conservative Party Conference Dr Liam Fox, speaking as Shadow Minister of Defence said that as a GP he was not qualified to recognise Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in any of the military personnel who are currently fighting for Britain in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Yet GPs are regularly confirming that a woman will suffer mental harm if she continues with her pregnancy following a five or ten minute consultation.  What qualifications does a GP have to make such decisions when lives are at risk?

What tests are the doctors carrying out that indicate what physical harm a woman may suffer, and can nothing be done to alleviate the problems other than killing her child by abortion?  If it is the same physical harm in many women then the NHS should have to undertake studies to see why so many women have this same problem and also give it a name.  At what point are these women with such physical problems being referred on to specialists to help them and what happens with these physical problems after any abortion may have taken place?  Are the women monitored by specialists so that future pregnancies are safe to continue?

What tests are the doctors carrying out that indicate possible grievous mental harm, and can nothing be done to alleviate the problems other than killing her child by abortion?  How can the doctors be sure that the very act of abortion will not produce more grievous mental harm than if the woman did not have the abortion?  If a woman has to see a counsellor or have counselling prior to an abortion being carried out, why then should she not be referred to a qualified psychologist or physiatrist who would be able to help her with her mental problems prior to her killing her child?  At what point are these women who have been diagnosed with possible mental health problems that could cause grievous mental harm should they continue with a pregnancy actually given help so that future pregnancies are safe to continue?

If following an abortion on the grounds that the pregnancy would cause grievous mental and/or physical harm the woman then goes on to have a healthy pregnancy to full term (no matter how long after the abortion) without any subsequent treatment then either all these women were misdiagnosed in the first place or have experienced some form of healing that the NHS should conduct studies to explain.

After forty years of abortion what studies have been done to answer these critical questions that should have been reported on as a matter of course?  Or is it now time to admit that since The Abortion Act came into being that the charade is over, doctors can now have clear consciences and stop pretending that the grounds for the abortion is nothing other than inconvenience on the part of the mother who, for whatever reason, does not wish to be pregnant?  Maybe then, those women or young girls who find that they are pregnant and would prefer to keep their baby will actually be offered the help they so desperately need instead of believing the lie that abortion will solve her problems.

Is this the real reason why supporters of abortion want to have abortion on demand up to 12 - 14 weeks because they know that so many women and doctors prefer not to have to lie to comply with current legislation?  Is this what this country is heading for - the killing of children by abortion done at home eventually without any need for any medical interference at all?  Forty years on from the original reason of ending back street abortion we can now see that medical science has paved the way for the ‘pop a pill’ generation to believe that all their problems can be solved by one pill or another.

Who will pick up the pieces of their destroyed lives when they realise that have been lied to time and again?  They have been told that sex is fun and safe if the man uses a condom and the woman takes the pill.  However, we now have the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases that cannot all be cured; Britain has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies because contraception fails, especially if it is used in association with drink or drugs; we now have school girls being given the morning after pill from school nurses or purchased at the chemist - and who knows how many girls have taken this pill more than once; the number of illegitimate children born to single mothers often having different fathers from their siblings is overtaking the number of children born within wedlock; sex education is now taught in some schools to children as young as five, and alternative lifestyles are promoted as normal.

Forty years is a long time.  Moses led the people of Israel out of the darkness of Egypt into the desert and would have led them into the Promised Land but they thought that they knew best.  They rebelled against God and He decreed that none of them who were older than twenty, other than Joshua and Caleb, would enter into the Promised Land (Holy Bible - Numbers Chapter 14).  For forty years millions of people wandered in the desert until all those who had been over twenty at the time of the exodus from Egypt had died.  This nation has been in the darkness having turned further and further away from God for the last forty years.  Isn’t it now time that we turn back to God and seek His forgiveness for the evil we have brought on this land - for the seven million babies that have been sacrificed on the altar of convenience; for the doctors who trained to save lives but now routinely take life; for those who worship the God of humanism and evolution and not the God of Creation?  Isn't it now time to admit that our ways are not God's ways and that we have allowed seven million babies to die for nothing and still our 'promised land' is nowhere in sight?