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Life FertilityCare

Life FertilityCare

Many people will have heard of IVF and may or may not be aware of the procedures associated with it.  The cost alone could put many people off especially when the failure rate is so high.  Yet many people take that route as they think there is no alternative.

The Life FertilityCare Programme is a pro-life, ethical alternative to IVF for married couples trying to have children.  Delivered by their highly skilled team of doctors, nurses and counsellors, the Programme can also help with other hormonal problems such as repeated miscarriage, PMT, etc., as well as natural fertility management.  Over 50 babies have been born to the 250 couples who have sought their programme.  At the time of writing, April 2005, five further pregnancies are on-going.

The Life FertilityCare Programme works.

The loss of early human life through IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies (ARTS) is appalling, not to mention the fact that these ARTs involve rigorous and invasive medical procedures and an emotional roller-coaster ride for the people involved.  In line with the overriding ethos of LIFE, the Life FertilityCare Programme seeks to promote a counter-culture of life founded upon the utmost respect for human life from fertilisation.

1 in 6 couples struggle with infertility.  This means that there are thousands of couples out there who could benefit from the Life FertilityCare Programme.

Your help is needed in identifying couples who could benefit from their programme, otherwise they will no longer be able to operate.

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