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The dictionary definition of 'Eugenics' is 'a science dealing with the improvement (eg by control of human mating) of the hereditary qualities of a race or breed.'  Until recent years this could only be achieved by natural human mating and it was very much a 'hit and miss' affair.  If a person was born who was deemed 'unsuitable' they were put into an institution.  Hitler took the 'master race' ideal to its logical conclusion by killing people who didn't reach his criteria.  Abortion today still prevents many 'unsuitable' babies from even being born.  However, since the genetic revolution came along scientists can now choose specific traits that they wish to promote and equally, they can choose specific traits that they wish to prevent.

In the UK the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) licence and monitor all human embryo research being conducted in the UK.  In July 2004 they agreed that a child could be created who could be a tissue match for a seriously ill already born sibling.  Whilst this may sound very plausable in wanting to save the life of a child, what does it say of our society that can decide some (IVF) embryos are more worthy of life than others?  Should a child be created as a means to an end?

With stem cell technology changing on an almost daily basis with a therepeutic cloning licence having been granted on 11 August 2004 for 'research purposes' by Newcastle Centre for Life, how long will it be before embryos are created for spare part surgery to help save the life of a seriously ill already born sibling, or even somebody who believes it may be their 'right' to be cured?

Eugenicists have been trying for years to create a race of people to their perceived 'standards'.  The Birth Control Movement aimed at reducing the births of the lower classes began with Marie Stopes in the UK and Margaret Sanger in the USA and were both based on eugenic ideals.  They changed from being 'Birth Control' to 'Family Planning' after the war as they didn't want to be associated with the eugenic activities of Hitler that were carried out in the concentration camps.

The list of members of the The British Eugenics Society from 1907 to 1994 makes very interesting reading.  This Society apparently changed its name to the Galton Insititute but strangely doesn't seem to have a web site, but by doing a search on 'Galton Institute' you will find some very interesting organisations linked to this organisation.

You may like to visit this site that is entitled 'The Truth About Margaret Sanger'.  To discover a bit about Marie Stopes, a contemporary of Margaret Sanger, and how she began the Family Planning Association in the UK visit our Bible and Birth Control page.

Anyone who doesn't believe in God and Heaven and Hell in theory have no problem with the concept of creating a 'master race', although they possibly have never really thought all the issues through to the end.  But for those of us who believe that man was created as it says in Genesis, and didn't evolve from tadpoles through apes, then we have some serious issues to speak out against.  The Lord made each one of us.  It was due to the Fall at the time of Adam and Eve that perfection was destroyed.  Since that time instead of reaching a 'higher evolution' as we have been told over the last couple of centuries, mankind has actually become more and more degenerate.  Only the Lord can re-create in us that which was lost.  Only the power of the Holy Spirit can regenerate our dead spirits.  The Lord made us to help our neighbour, not to kill and destroy him.  The Lord knows our innermost thoughts and each and every action.

Have we, as a society, gone too far in trying to 'play God' by trying to create a 'master race' to the exclusion of worshipping the One True God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - the Creator and Sustainer of us all, complete with all our imperfections?