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Do you vote for the Labour Party?  Do you believe them to be a fair, tolerant and non-prejudiced party?  What do you know about the selection process for future candidates?  Are you aware that at least twenty four constituencies for the 2005 General Election where the Labour MP retired, there were 'All Women Selections'?  Yes, all women.  Men were not even allowed to stand as a prospective candidate.

The Labour Women's Network actively promote women candidates to the exclusion wherever possible, of men candidates as does their sister organisation Emily's List.

Emily's List helps support Labour women candidates by offering them financial grants.  Under the heading 'Who Can Apply' on the Emily's List website it says "Any woman member of the Labour Part who is seeking selection as a candidate for the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, the European Parliament and Westminster may apply for an EMILY Grant.  Applications must fulfil Labour Party criteria; support the programme and values of the Party and be pro-choice" (emphasis United for Life).

The majority of the current Labour women MPs were selected by this criteria - women only selections.  The Labour Party is intent on having equal numbers of women in Government whether or not they are the most suitable candidate for the position.  Men are being side-lined.

This also means that any pro-life woman who wishes to stand for the Labour Party would have a very difficult time being endorsed as a potential candidate.  Pro-life men would seemingly have an even harder time at becoming prospective candidates as it seems that the Labour Party is still allowing women to be selected because first and foremost they are WOMEN.  So not only are men being prejudiced against because of their gender, but both women and men are discriminated against if they are pro-life.  Hardly tolerant or fair!

There are a few MPs in the Labour Party that are pro-life and need all our prayers and support as they must come under a great deal of pressure. They would also be restricted in working in certain areas so that their views do not clash with 'party policy', for example, both the Health Department and Department for International Development promote abortion nationally and internationally under the term 'reproductive health'.

Where does this leave the voters who would like to support the Labour Party but are pro-life?  Sadly, with a lot of hard work as you will need to ensure precisely how your MP will vote on pro-life issues.  Pro-choice MPs need to be told that killing our children by abortion is not acceptable.  You may even need to join your local Party (not just Labour) and begin to make changes from within.

The 'Silent Majority' needs to become vocal.  Start writing to your MP now, before new legislation is brought in.  Emily's List is not a small group just based in the UK.  It also has US and Australian branches working to have pro-choice women elected in the name of 'equality' and 'personal freedom'.

God made man and woman compatible, not equal.  He gave us separate roles.  The main role of women, whether we like it or not, is to raise children - not kill them by abortion for the sake of our personal freedom.

Please pray that the Lord's name will be honoured and upheld in this Government.  We reap what we sow and over the last forty or so years we have sown bad seed.