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  1. Guidance for Provision of Contraceptive Services for Under 16s

Guidance for Provision of Contraceptive Services for Under 16s

On 29 July 2004 the Department of Health issued a 'Revised Guidance for Health Professionals on the Provision of Contraceptive, Sexual and Reproductive Health Servies for Under 16s'.  In response on 11 August 2004 we sent out to various MPs, Newspapers, Church Leaders and others the following letter:

Dear Sir or Madam

I would like to register my sincere concerns and objections to the recent 'Publication of revised guidance for health professionals on the provision of contraceptive services for under 16s'.

I fail to understand how a young schoolgirl who is having underage sex without her parents knowledge can be deemed mature enough to be competent to consent to being prescribed contraceptives, let alone an abortion, when it is obvious that she inherently knows she is doing wrong which is why she doesn't want her parents to find out.  Surely if she really was mature enough to make such decisions then she would be mature enough to tell her parents?  She may think she is mature enough - didn't we all think we 'knew it all' when we were teenagers only to find out later in life that actually we didn't - yet professionals now are in the position of being dictated to by children who have been taught, by so called sex education professionals, that what they want they can have and that it is their right to not only request it but to not be refused it.

Yet, if those same aged teenagers went into a shop they would be unable to buy glue, knives, alcohol, cigarettes, fireworks, adult videos and even pets.  They are also taught to say "no" to drugs, they cannot marry without their parents consent until they are 18, they cannot vote until they are 18, nor can they go into a pub and buy alcohol until they are 18.  Driving a car or motorbike also has minimum age limits as does joining the armed forces or the police force.  Adults have created these laws that prevent youngsters harming themselves or others as they are deemed too young and need protecting.

Why then does the Department of Health encourage underage sex by continuing with the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy and encouraging sex education at ever younger ages when it is blatantly obvious that the policies are not working as the figures for underage pregnancies and abortions and for those who are contracting venereal diseases are rising year on year?  Our children have already lost all innocence by virtue of sex education that promotes 'safer sex' instead of being taught morals and chastity, right and wrong, love and marriage between one man and one woman.

The only fool-proof contraceptive that has ever worked and will ever work successfully, preventing pregnancy, abortion and sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV) as well as broken hearts and shame is the word "NO".

The next best contraceptive after that that prevents pregnancy and therefore abortion, but not sexually transmitted diseases is Natural Family Planning (not the rhythm method), but I do not for one minute imagine youngsters anywhere are taught this.  In fact, not many adults are encouraged to find out about Natural Family Planning as it costs nothing other than commitment, communication, understanding and restraint and is based on love not lust, wants or instant gratification and it is only families who benefit from Natural Family Planning, not companies and organisations that make millions out of contraceptives, abortions and medicines to treat sexually transmitted diseases.

Condoms have a high failure rate due to leakage and splits and not being used correctly.  This can be seen by the pregnancy rates that are due to condom failure.  Sexually transmitted diseases can be contracted at any time, not just during a girl's fertile period, whether or not a condom is used.  The Pill obviously cannot protect against sexually transmitted diseases and that is assuming a young girl remembers to take it regularly at the same time every day, including weekends when her lifestyle probably changes dramatically.  She may also suffer serious side effects from the Pill - which her GP may be aware of and her parents should definitely be aware of as it is in the home that she may well try and hide the symptoms of any side effects.  By having early sex she is also more likely to have cancer of the cervix and/or breast cancer in later life.  The use of the morning after pill (fifty times the dose of an ordinary contraceptive pill) is being encouraged at all times during a menstrual cycle 'just in case'.  This is hardly a mature response for anyone, let alone a school age child whose body is still maturing and the long term health effects are unknown.

Offering a child an abortion, whether by the morning after pill, inserting an IUD, RU486, suction, D&C, D&E, or a late abortion where she goes through labour is tantamount to child abuse especially if the parents are not included in on this decision and should definitely not be encouraged by sending out guidance to health professionals to do so.

Parents are responsible for their children until the age of 18 and should be encouraged and allowed to be parents and make decisions for their children.  It should be up to parents to decide how they bring up their children, and what is right and what is wrong for their individual child, not the state.  Children should also be taught that they are responsible to their parents and to obey, not just the law that says that they cannot do something (laws that we all have to obey), but to obey their parents even if it is not what they agree with.

The very fact that the professionals who will be receiving the revised guidance on the provision of contraceptive services for under 16s shows that the state have already usurped the role of parents far beyond anything that is healthy, moral or just.  It is also an ungodly way of behaving.  In the last one hundred years or so we have seen Christian family values eroded to such an extent that it is now not 'politically correct' to even mention that marriage (to a member of the (natural) opposite sex) is the ideal to aim for and that children should honour their parents.

Instead, by the very nature of the so called sex education professionals who encourage underage sex 'if that is what a young person wants' shows that evil is now called good and good is called evil.  Our children are taught wrongly by a minority that all forms of relationships are equal.  They are also taught that their parents are not to be trusted or confided in.  It would be interesting to know what the statistics are for parents who have murdered their daughters because the daughter has told them she is pregnant.  This is the most common reason why a girl says she cannot tell her parents - "My mum would kill me if she found out".  If there is no justification in this statement then what is the justification that parents should not be told?  Of course parents may be extremely disappointed in their daughter's situation but most eventually support the child and realise that it is their grandchild she is carrying.

'Sexual health' for youngsters is a misnomer.  Once a school age child - boy or girl - commences sexual activity they are on the downward spiral health-wise.  For those in positions of authority that cannot or refuse to accept this then they should be removed from that position so that we can try and protect those children that haven't so far lost their innocence and been corrupted by all that is around them.  For the vast majority of our youngsters it is already too late.  They have been fed the lie that 'safe sex' is harmless fun, instead of the real dangers that it creates.

Those adults who have turned away from Christian values may think that they know best.  But be assured - God will not be mocked and we are already reaping what we have sown.  For the health of our nation, and especially our children, it is time to say enough.  All aspects of the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy have so far failed.  Good money is being thrown after bad and it is our children that are suffering.  They will not thank us for not telling them the truth.  They may still only be children, and that is how we should treat them, but let's stop treating them like animals that cannot control themselves when it comes to refraining from sexual relationships until marriage.  Some youngsters may enjoy stealing cars and 'joyriding', but that doesn't mean we should teach them all how to drive or even how to steal cars.  The law says that they must wait, and the majority of youngsters accept that without question.  Being told to wait until marriage before intimacy occurs is something that we were once told and the majority accepted without question.

If society really wants to reduce the numbers for under age sex, pregnancies, abortions and sexually transmitted diseases amongst school age children the best way is to ensure that contraceptives are not easily available and that parents are made aware of what is happening.  Children will then start behaving themselves, especially if they are taught the difference between right and wrong and understand the consequences of their actions.

Of course, there will always be some youngsters who will have underage sex, and these children need even more protection, not contraceptives but genuine guidance about the dangers of underage sex.  Before the advent of the Pill, teen pregnancies, abortion and sexually transmitted diseases were rare in comparison with today's figures.  Even reducing the figures to those aimed for by 2010 will still be higher than those of the late fifties and early sixties.  Yet these children were ignorant of sexual matters and they were allowed to be children and not expected to be 'mini adults' who knew their 'rights'.  Children do not need to know everything about sex.  I drive a car but do not know most things mechanical.  I use a computer but only find out what I need to know when I need to know it.  I acknowledge I probably do not know as much as many youngsters do about sex and from what I understand that they have been taught, I am glad my mind is not filled with the smut that they are encouraged to accept as normal.

Each one of us will one day have to stand before our Maker and give an account of our lives.  It says in the Bible in Luke 17 v 1 - 2 'Jesus said to his disciples: "Things that cause people to sin are bound to come, but woe to that person through whom they come.  It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.'  By encouraging our children to think that 'safe sex' is okay is actually encouraging them to sin.

We need now to get back to doctors healing the sick not handing out pills that make healthy youngsters ill; teachers teaching traditional subjects to enable our children to access gainful employment when they leave school by being able to read and write properly and not forever concentrating on sex and political correctness; for parents to be allowed to be responsible for all decisions concerning their children; for children to be children dependent on their parents for all their needs without the state interfering; and finally for this nation to turn back to the Lord and back to Christian values that were once the bedrock of society instead of being tossed to and fro with constant change by continuous legislation that causes more harm than good.

I have sent this letter to numerous people in various organisations and it will also be posted on our website.  May the Lord have mercy on us as a nation for what we have allowed and for how we have become.

Yours in sorrow and disgust

Grace Mason
United for Life

We now await replies.

Take Action - Write to:

John Reid, Health Secretary, Department of Health, PO Box 777, London, SE1 6XH and any other person whom you think needs to be told that it is not acceptable for our children to receive this 'guidance' behind the backs of their parents.

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