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Death Rate of Abortion Three Times Higher Than Childbirth

Over the years women have constantly been told it is safer to have an abortion than to give birth.

Recent studies in both Finland and California now show that a woman is three times more likely to die following an abortion than if she gave birth.  These figures were arrived at by researchers linking death certificates to abortion records as death certificates alone do not always show the actual cause of death or links to prior medical history.

Both studies found that there was an elevated risk of death from cardiovascular disease, probably associated with depression and anxiety following an abortion.

Please write to your MP requesting s/he ask why there have been no similar studies carried out in this country that not only show any links between women who die after killing their child by abortion but also what links there may be of those women who die of breast cancer who may also have killed one or more children by abortion.

These studies are vital for the sake of the future health of women who are told that

  1. (killing children by) abortion is safe, and
  2. that there are no links to the ever increasing rise in numbers of women contracting breast cancer.

If the health of women is really as paramount as it should be, isn't it about time, after 38 years (since the Abortion Act became law in October 1967) that the truth was finally told that killing children by abortion is not 'safe' for anyone - the baby who will always die and the mother who will be left emotionally, physically and spiritually harmed, and may even end up dying from post abortion syndrome or breast cancer following the avoidable abortion procedure weeks, months or years afterwards.

Please visit our Healing page if you have had an abortion or supported someone who has.

If you have had an abortion and would like to contact us, in confidence,
please Grace at United for Life.

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