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Christmas 2004

What did you do for Christmas?  How do you celebrate it?  What do you celebrate?  A month or so before Christmas we were sent a 'countdown' calendar for December.  On certain days throughout the month it told us what we must do to make the event successful.  Cook this, buy that, decorate the tree, wrap the presents, last day for posting cards abroad etc.  And the 'big day', 25 December was literally just that.  'THE BIG DAY'.

There had been no mention prior to the 'big day' of Jesus, church, nativity, Christmas, Christian or any of the other words normally associated with the 'big day'.  But this calendar went further in its silence about how to celebrate the 'big day' or why.  No mention of being with family and friends.  Not even any mention of 'Father Christmas'.  The box just said 'THE BIG DAY'.  What an anti-climax for all those who had believed the message of 'spend till you drop' but make sure everything was done in time for 'THE BIG DAY'.

It seemed funny at first.  Then sad.  Sad that so many people have been fed the lie that Christmas is just about shopping and partying.  Sad that so many people have believed the lie of the 'politically correct brigade' that refuses to let anything about Jesus, the Son of God, becoming human and being born and placed in a manger in Bethlehem be mentioned in case it offends 'other people'.  It's okay for Christians to be offended and have our faith sidelined, and it is Christians who have to bend over backwards to accommodate everyone else.  Remember 'Winterville' some years back in Birmingham where the word 'Christmas' was replaced?  Remember the Red Cross last year banning anything to do with Christianity in its shops as it is a 'secular' organisation and doesn't want to be seen to associate with any one particular religion, despite the fact that there is also a Red Crescent sister organisation that obvioulsy is set up for Muslims, the very people we mustn't offend.

Over the years we have been told what to think and when.  Multifaith activities are carried out over Christmas so as not to let anyone feel left out and the nativity play has, in most cases, now been replaced with something 'more suitable'.  And most people just go along with what they are told to do.  This year has probably been no different.  It may even have been worse as Christmas Day and Boxing Day occurred at the weekend which meant the Bank Holidays were taken on the Monday and Tuesday.  No sooner had 'THE BIG DAY' passed, then the SALES began.  Rather, many sales began before Christmas to encourage the shoppers to part with even more of their money.  Does any of this ring true for your Christmas?

Hopefully your Christmas was different.  You went to church on Christmas Day and remembered the Christ-Child who was born to save us all from our sins by, thirty three years later, taking our due punishment by dying in our place on the cross.  Sins?  At Christmas?  The season of peace and goodwill?

Sins.  The sin of killing our children by abortion continued throughout the festive season and the consequences will continue far into the New Year.  The sin of not speaking out against this takes place every day.  Had Mary been alive today, would Jesus have been killed by abortion because that is what the 'politically correct' action is for a teenager today?  Who would believe Mary that she was 'with child' conceived by the Holy Spirit?  Joseph tried to hide Mary's percieved disgrace, but today's teenagers flaunt their actions and have no shame about having a child out of wedlock.  In fact, marriage is also no longer 'politically correct'.  As a generation we have fallen for the lies of those who wish to destroy Christianity and allowed our nation to walk in 'worldly ways'.  Christmas with its 'must have' shopping and exclusion of everything to do with Jesus is only one area where we are currently losing the battle.  Another battle is to do with the lies about the need for early abortion at ever younger ages that is still being fought.

When you begin to think about next Christmas, consider whose agenda you are following, and if you are not celebrating the birth of Jesus, then what are you celebrating?