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Choice - a dead child or a living child - it's what abortion is all about

When the photos were shown in the newspapers and on TV of the baby ‘walking’ in the womb, Ann Furedi, chief executive of Britain’s biggest abortion provider BPAS, said: "It is important to defend women’s access to abortion in law and in practice.  Women do not request abortions because they are ignorant of fetal development.  Women that request abortions do so because they have specific circumstances that drive them to conclude that is is better if their pregnancy does not result in a child." (Daily Mail 29 June 2004)

From someone who works at BPAS where photos of the unborn are rarely, if ever shown, it was extremely encouraging to hear that women are not ignorant of fetal development.

However, it was very discouraging to note that Ann Furedi obviously doesn’t accept that ALL pregnancies result in a child.

The reality is at the end of each pregnancy whether the mother has a living child or a dead child.

Those who think that by using scans for early detection of abnormality and earlier abortion ignore that the reality is still that the child ends up torn to pieces and dead.

Whatever the length of the pregnancy, whether it is artificially terminated by abortion or is naturally terminated by a live birth, still birth or miscarriage, the result is still a child.

A mother's choice - a dead child or a living child.

This is the choice mothers must live with.

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Please visit our Healing page if you have had an abortion or supported someone who has.

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please Grace at United for Life.

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