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Make Abortion History
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China's forced abortion and sterilisation policy
View the evidence
British taxes fund human rights abuses
How aid charities and others have violated human rights
Make Abortion History - and Human Rights

China's forced abortion and sterilisation policy

Since 1979 China has had a 'one-child policy', restricting couples to having only one child per couple and only when the State has granted them a licence to have that child.

The one-child policy is enforced on a State and local level by a variety of coercive or forced activities including, forced abortion, forced sterilisation and forced contraception.  Women are forcibly fitted with IUD's, which are then checked regularly at clinics at the woman's place of work to ensure that the IUD is still in place.  If the woman is found to be pregnant a range of punitive punishments are imposed on her and her husband and even her work colleagues.  If she still refuses to abort then she is arrested and forcibly aborted anyway.

View the evidence

C-FAM  shows how IPPF and UNFPA support China's one-child policy.  IPPF, which has its headquarters in London, is responsible for the fpa (Family Planning Association) around the world, including giving 'enthusiastic support' for the Chinese forced one-child policy.  The international expert in the field of China's one-child policy' is Stephen Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute (PRI).  Evidence provided by PRI led to the US Government withdrawing funding from organisations which fund or support China's one-child policy such as the United Nation's body UNFPA.

Read how  China condemns Stephen Mosher as a spy for exposing China's forced abortion policy.  An analysis of this from C-FAM and PRI can be found by clicking here .

British taxes fund human rights abuses

Millions of British taxpayers money ends up in the coffers of UNFPA, IPPF and others who in turn have supported population control programmes such as the 'Chinese one-child-policy' where women have undergone forced or coercive abortions and sterilisations.  In India and other Asian countries thousands of forced or coercive sterilisations have taken place.

To view comprehensive evidence of UK funding of human rights abuse view TibetTruth.com - webpage: China's Coercive Birth Control Programme.  United for Life's Tony Blair pages from our Make Abortion History campaign provides further information and links on China'a human rights abuse.

How aid charities and others have violated human rights

In his book 'Choices in Childbearing', Robert Whelan provides shocking details and references of how UNFPA, IPPF and other population control organisations have abused human rights, marriage and family life around the world.  He shows that UNFPA, IPPF and others have international targets to reduce human fertility while integrating this policy with international health and food aid programmes and shows how population control can be made to look like family planning.  For example, some aid programmes have only provided a village with a water-well if all the men are sterilised and that, as reported in IPPF's People magazine, a woman receives 20kg of rice and two weeks holiday if an IUD is inserted, 100kg of rice and lighter duties at work for a sterilisation.

Despite years of international activity and funding for contraception and abortion the care of women giving birth has little priority.  Dr Robert Walley , founder and director of  MaterCare International  ...'blames lack of international funding for maternal care for high rate of death among Third World women.   While billions are spent on birth control programmes, very little goes to the provision of emergency obstetric care.'

Make Abortion History - and Human Rights

Read about United for Life's Make Abortion History campaign and how abortion violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration of the Rights of the Child  which states that, '...the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth.'

Read how charities and other organisations have responded to our Make Abortion History Campaign and the commitments we have called them to by viewing each organisation listed on our Campaigns page.

United for Life's The Silent Holocaust page expalins the eugenic roots of the pro-abortion movement.

Coming Soon: United for Life's Letters to Chinese Embassy, UK Foreign Office, MP's etc, and their replies.

View other websites:

Forced Abortions, Birth Control & Sterilisations - Read reports about the evidence

TibetTruth.com - Coercive Birth Control

Eugenics Watch - Population Control Today

Christusrex - China: Human Rights Fact Sheet

Amnesty International - China Report 2005 - Forced Abortion

Amnesty International - China: Protester against forced abortion sent to prison camp

Amnesty International UK - China: Woman protesting at forced abortion

Take Action - Write to:

Chinese Embassy, 49-51 Portland Place, London, W1N 4JL

Your MP: House of Commons, London, SW1A OAA

Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Old Admiralty Building, London, SW1A 2PA

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