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Letter to Sue Gunn - 22 June 2005

On 22 June United for Life wrote to Sue Gunn, Manager of our local Pregnancy Crisis Centre with concerns about the programme that they take into the local schools.  We are still waiting for an acknowledgement or a full reply.

22 June 2005

Sue Gunn
Centre Manager
Cheltenham Pregnancy Crisis Centre
129 St Georges Road
GL50 3EQ

Dear Sue

Thank you for your reply to my letter to Heather on 25 May 2005.  I was pleased to receive your newsletter and would appreciate receiving it on a regular basis.

I have a number of concerns I would appreciate you clarifying for me please with regard to the schools programme.

I note from Heather’s report in the newsletter that CARE now stands for Communicating and Re-Educating.  Could you tell me if this replaces the original definition of Christian Action, Research and Education or is the new definition only used for school work?  Whose idea and decision was this and why?  Is this common knowledge among the PCC’s supporters?  Does this mean that Christianity and the Bible are not mentioned at all during the presentations given to pupils?  Can you tell me if chastity and marriage is actively promoted as well as abstinence and morality?  Can you also tell me what, if any, contraceptives you mention with regard to sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy and any dangers of using them?  I always understood ‘educators’ taught their subject fully believing that it is ‘right’ yet Heather says the aim of your programme is not to give the ‘right’ answer.  Could you tell me why this is please?

Could you tell me what resources you use for this programme?  Who has written them?  Is it CARE or an outside agency, or have you written it yourselves?  Has anyone from the local church leadership checked this out and agreed that it is okay to use, if so, can you tell me who please?  Are school staff shown these resources prior to you going in?

In my original letter to Heather I did request any literature you use for this programme but you didn’t send me anything.  Do you give any literature to the young people, or the staff or parents or church members?  I would appreciate a copy of each piece of literature please.

Thanking you in anticipation.  I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely

Grace Mason
United for Life

cc: various interested parties

When a Christian organisation is speaking on behalf of other Christians it is only right that those Christians know what is being said, and why.

Click here for a copy of the above letter in PDF form.

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