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Reply from Joanna Thompson - 20 July 2005

United for Life have challenged CARE on the information that they give out regarding abortion, on their website and in their pregnancy crisis centres.  We originally wrote to Joanna Thompson, Head of CARE Centres Network on 1 September 2004.  She rang to acknowledge receipt of the letter and say she needed time to prayerfully consider it with other members of the team.  On 22 July 2005, after United for Life had forwarded a copy of the letter that we sent to Lyndon Bowring on 15 June 2005, to Joanna to respond to (as requested by Nola Leach, General Director), we finally received a reply.

It can be seen from the reply that no actual concerns that we raised in either of the letters have been answered or explained, so although CARE have claimed to have 'made some adjustments' we do not know what these adjustments are.  Nor do we know what it is that CARE say they do not accept what we believe and why.  Surely if we have a wrong belief about something it is the duty of CARE to correct us or at the very least to point it out to us?  We also do not know if any of the suggested books have been read that we hoped would enable CARE to understand the issues from our perspective.  What is it that they are afraid of that they cannot answer our questions?

The original website had been removed some months previously, but some of the original information has been retained in its original wording on their new website.

Grace Mason
22, Moreton Close
Bishops Cleeve
GL52 8AW

20 July 2005

Dear Grace

Thank you for your letters to both Lyndon Bowring and myself, dated 20th June 2005 and 1st September 2004 respectively.  Lyndon is now travelling for the next few weeks and so I am responding on his behalf.

I do apologise for not responding to your letter to me which raises many issues related to our work.  Thank you for speaking up on the issues that you feel so strongly about in God and for bringing them to our attention.  We acknowledge that your intention in writing is quite evidently a positive one.

We know it is vital that we continually and prayerfully consider our attitude and approach to these issues.  We are grateful for your reminders.  We have taken notice of all the points you have raised, revisited them and made some adjustments in the light of the task that God has given us to do as CARE Centres Network.

I do not believe there is a need for us to defend or justify our work to you.  We have had assurance in God that we are following Him and fulfilling His purposes in the way to which He has called us.  We do not say this arrogantly but remain mindful that our path is fraught with difficulty and that we need humility to learn from God and change where needed.  We remain accountable to God for the work that we do and believe that the fruit of our work shows in part that God is with us and blessing the work of our hands. Without God in this work, we would have achieved nothing, but we know that lives have been saved through our approach.

We do not accept all the things that you believe, Grace, but have no wish to enter into any conflict with you.  We hear you, we listen, but we shall not argue with you.  We must get on with the work that God has called us to do - it is not right for us to stop working and debate with you.  It would be better for you to take it up with God in prayer.

Jesus came in grace and truth, not just one or the other.  Out of your great concern for CCN, please pray for us that we will walk in both grace and truth and fully reflect Jesus to a broken world.

With love and respect,

Joanna Thompson
Head of CCN

When a Christian organisation is speaking on behalf of other Christians it is only right that those Christians know what is being said, and why.

Click here for a copy of the above letter in PDF form.

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