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Make Abortion History
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Campaigning Issues

In our efforts to protect human life we have raised our concerns with our letters to the press and with our correspondence with the organisations listed on this page.   View the issues raised and our correspondence on the LEFT MENU.

United for Life has also developed a specific and ongoing campaign called Make Abortion History.

View our ongoing campaign to:

Make Abortion History
And Our
Make Abortion History Directory

United for Life’s  Environment Campaign
Why  Organisations  Must - actively address pollution of the environment, including water supplies, drinking water and soil, by estrogens from contraceptives, including the Pill, the morning-after-pill, and other chemicals, which has shown to change the sex of fish.

Below we have provided a ‘Quick Link’ to our pages on each of the charities and other organisations we are lobbying specifically to Make Abortion History.  We suggest you read our  Make Abortion History  page first to find out what it is we are saying and the commitments we want from charities and other organisations.

Navigation Instructions

Using the ‘Quick Link’ to our List of Charities and other Organisations - by clicking on the name of the organisation below - provides direct access to our web page on each of the charities and organisations listed.  You can read our correspondence and any comments we may have made.  You can also view the Charities and Organisations List by the type of activity they are involved in such as ‘Children’ or ‘Development’ by clicking on  Type of Activity List .

United for Life has developed a series of  Titles & Topics - Make Abortion History  range using the same information and format for each topic or title.  This demonstrates that the killing of children by abortion is not a single issue but touches a range of issues.

You can also view a full range of categories from our :

Make Abortion History Directory

These include among many others :

(UK) Counties Make Abortion History Campaign

The Why List Of Charities & Organisations

(UK) Members of Parliament (MPs)

(UK) Political Parties Make Abortion History Campaign

International Make Abortion History Campaign

Please Note:

Those organisations highlighted below in pink have replied to our Make Abortion History campaign .  View how those not listed in pink are being campaigned and find out how the killing of children by abortion violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration on the Rights of the Child.  We hope to develop a progress report and an annual report on each organisation.

By clicking on the name of the organisation below you can view our correspondence with that organisation.  In addition, organisations listed below with a ‘ Why ’ next to it indicates that we have a second page for this organisation on this website showing: ‘Why This Organisation must oppose the killing of children by abortion, contraception, human embryo experimentation, IVF, human cloning and related activities; how such activities are modern forms of slavery, destroy the environment, and how Human Rights apply.’  Click the appropriate Why to view the page.

Organisations listed below in a light blue have not been written to but we do have web pages lobbing them via the internet.  Organisations listed below with a pink star * were not sent the original Make Abortion History letter to charities but were listed anyway, while others were sent an alternative letter concerning activities related to the killing of children by abortion such as activities at the UN, the Millennium Development Goals, etc.  Such concerns form part of United for Life's Make Abortion History campaign.

List of Charities and other Organisations we are lobbying:



Agenda for Action
Abortion Rights
Academy of Medical Sciences
ACEVO - Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations
Action Aid    - Why
Action for Brazil's Children (ABC) Trust
Action for Children in Conflict   - Why
Action of Churches Together in Scotland - ACTS    - Why
Action International Ministries UK
African & Caribbean Evangelical Alliance - ACEA    - Why
African Union
All Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health
Alliance for Choice
Alliance for Justice
Alzheimer's Society
American Society of Reproductive Medicine - ASRM
Amnesty International    - Why
Amos Trust
Anti-Bullying Alliance
Anti-Slavery International    - Why
Arabic Network for Human Rights Information
Aspen Institute
Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
Association of Charitable Foundations
Association of Clinical Embryologists
Association of Medical Research Charities - AMRC
Astra Network
Atheist Action Central

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Ban Bullying At Work Campaign
Baptist Union (The)    - Why
Barbados Family Planning Association (BFPA)
Barcelona FC
Barnardo's   - Why
BBC Children in Need    - Why
BBC's Future Family Week
BBC's Sexwise
BBC's Teen 24
BBC's Women's Hour Programme
Be The Change
Bible Institute
Bible Society   - Why
6 Billion Others
BioIndustry Association
Biosciences Federation
Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council - BBSRC
Blair, Tony (UK Prime Minister) and the Blair Government    - Why
Blue Peter
BOND - British Overseas NGOs for Development
Boy Scouts Brigade
BPAS - British Pregnancy Advisory Service
Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Care
British Association of Social Workers
British Council
British Fertility Society
British Humanist Association
British Institute of Human Rights
British Medical Association - BMA
British Medical Journal - BMJ
British Red Cross   - Why
Brook Advisory Centres
Burma / Myanmar Cyclone Aid Organisations

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CAFOD   - Why
Call to Action
Cambridge Quarterly Of Healthcare Ethics
Camelot National Lottery    - Why
Campaign Against Arms Trade    - Why
Canadian Embassy - London  *
Cancer Research UK
Caribbean Youth Summit on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
Carbon Trust
Care International UK   - Why
Caritas Social Action   - Why
Casa Alianza UK
Catholic Association for Racial Justice   - Why
Catholic Bishops Conference of England & Wales  (CBCEW)   - Why
Catholics for a Free Choice - CFFC
Catholic Printing Company of Farnworth <
CEDAW   - Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
Centre for Reproductive Rights
Center for American Progress
Center for Genetics and Society
Centre for Global Development
Centre for Stem Cell Biology
Centre for the Study of Human Rights
CHASTE - Churches Alert to Sex Trafficking Across Europe   - Why
Cheltenham Festival of Science
Chief Medical Officer of England
Child Citizenship
Child Rights Information Network - CRIN
Child Support Agency
Child Welfare Scheme
ChildHope UK   - Why
Child-To-Child Trust (The)   - Why
Children at Risk Foundation (CARF) UK
Children’s Commissioner for England
Children's Legal Centre
Children's Minister (UK Government)    - Why
Children's Plan
Children’s Rights Alliance
Children's Society (The)    - Why
Christian Aid    - Why
Christian Partners in Africa    - Why
Christis    - Why
Church Action On Poverty    - Why
Church of England Synod    - Why
Church Mission Society    - Why
Churches Together in Britain & Ireland    - Why
Churches Together in England    - Why
CIIR - Catholic Institute for International Relations - New name Progressio    - Why
Citizens Advice Bureau
Clapham Connections    - Why
Climate Change Committee
Clinton Global Initiative
Comic Relief    - Why
Commission for Africa
Committee for Minority & Ethnic Anglican Concerns    - Why
Commonwealth Foundation
Commonwealth Secretariat    - Why
Compass - The Labour Party Think Tank
Compassion UK    - Why
Concern Worldwide    - Why
Connect Youth
Conservative Party Human Rights Commission
Conservative Women's Organisation
Consortium for Street Children
Council for the Curriculum
Council for World Mission - CWM
Council Of Europe Convention On Action Against Trafficking In Human Beings - Ministers
Cystic Fibrosis Trust

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Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe (DARE) Network
Department for Children, Schools & Families
Department for Education & Skills (UK Government)   - Why
Department for Environment - Defra - (UK Government)    - Why
Department for International Development - DfID (UK)    - Why
Department for Trade and Industry - DTI
Department of Health (UK)    - Why
Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund
DRC - Disability Rights Commission   - Why
Disaster Emergency Committee - DEC
Dispatches - Channel 4
Donor Conception Network
DWCA - Doctors For A Women’s Choice On Abortion

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Earth Institute
East of England Stem Cell Network - EESCN
Eco-Congregation    - Why
ECPAT    - Why
Education For Choice
Endometriosis Society
Engender Health
Environmental Justice Foundation - EJF
Environmental Protection Agency
Equality and Human Rights Commission
Ethical Trading Initiative
Ethiopiaid    - Why
EU Commission Representative to the UK  *    - Why
EU Commissioner  *
EU Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid
EU Committee on Civil Liberties
EU Network of Independent Experts on Fundamental Rights
European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology - EBCOG
European Court of Human Rights
European Network of Excellence on Embryo Implantation Control
European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development - EPF
European Public Health Alliance
European Society of Contraception
European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology
European Women's Lobby
Evangelical Alliance    - Why
Every Child Matters
Every Human Has Rights Campaign
Everychild    - Why

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Family Fund
Family Health International - FHI
Fawcett Society
Federation for Women and Family Planning
Finnish Embassy - London  *
Fistula Foundation
Foreign & Commonwealth Office (UK)    - Why
Forum for the Future    - Why
FPA - Family Planning Association
Friends of the Earth    - Why
Future Summit

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General Medical Council - GMC
General Social Care Council
Genetic Interest Group
Genetics and Public Policy Center
Girl Guides UK
Green Alliance
Global Call to Action Against Poverty - GCAP
Global Care    - Why
Global Human Rights Education Network
Global Internet Liberty Campaign - GILC
Global Justice Center - GJC
Global Medics
Global Warming Alliance
GMC - Good Medical Practice Guidelines  (& Ethics Committee)
Government Equalities Office
Guttmacher Institute
G8 Summit

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Health Promotion Agency
Health Protection Agency
Health Unlimited    - Why
Healthcare Commission
Hewlett Foundation
Heythrop Institute For Religious Ethics And Public Life
Home Office (UK) - (via Tony Blair)    - Why
Hope for Children
House of Lords / House of Commons Joint Committee on Human Rights
Hull and East Riding Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Partnership
Human Genetics Commission
Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority - HFEA
Human Rights Council - HRC
Human Rights Education Associates - HREA
Human Rights Quarterly
Human Rights Watch

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ICPD Program for Action
Infertility Network UK
Institute of Biology
Institute for Citizenship
Institute of Criminology
Institute of Economic Affairs - IEA
Institute for Environmental Security - IES
Institute for Public Policy Research - IPPR
Interact Worldwide
Inter-European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development - IEPFPD
InterFaith Network for the UK (The)    - Why
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - IPCC
International Alliance for Women - TIAW
International Bar Association - IBA
International Bureau for Children's Rights - IBCR
International Care & Relief - ICR    - Why
International Childcare Trust    - Why
International Children’s Trust
International Embryo Transfer Society
International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
International HIV/AIDS Alliance    - Why
International Labour Organisation - ILO
International Network of Human Rights Schools
International Olympic Committee - Beijing - China 2008
International Refugee Trust
International Society for Peace and Human Rights
International Society for Stem Cell Research
International Trade Union Confederation
International Union for the Scientific Study of Population - IUSSP
International Vaccine Institute
Iona Community (The)    - Why
IPPF - International Planned Parenthood Federation

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John Newton Project (The)    - Why
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Journal of Medical Ethics
Jubilee Action
Jubilee Debt Campaign    - Why

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King's Fund
Kennedy, Charles (Former Leader - Liberal Democrats - UK)
Know Your Rights 2008 .org

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Liberal International
Lilith Project
Local Government Association
London Week of Peace
LSE - London School of Economics

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Malaria Consortium
Marie Stopes International
Marriage Care    - Why
Medact    - Why
Medical Foundation for AIDS and Sexual Health
Medical Research Council - UK
Medecins Sans Frontieres    - Why
Merlin - Medical Emergency Relief International
Methodist Church    - Why
11 Million Project  (UK's Children's Commissioner)
Mind, Body, Soul
Minister for Women
Ministry of Justice
Mothers' Union (MU)    - Why

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National Board of Catholic Women - NBCW    - Why
National Children's Bureau
National Christian Alliance on Prostitution - NCAP    - Why
National Council for Lay Associations    - Why
National Federation of Women's Institutes - NFWI
National Gamete Donation Trust
National Institute for Biological Standards & Control
National Justice & Peace Network    - Why
National Lottery (The)    - Why
National School of Government
National Secular Society - NSS
National Union of Students - NUS
National Youth Agency
NCH - The Children's Charity    - Why
NCW - The National Council of Women   - Why
Network For European Women’s Rights - NEWR
Newman Association    - Why
Northern Rock Foundation
NSPCC    - Why
Nuffield Council on Bioethics
Nursing Standard

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Oasis Trust    - Why
OneWorld International
OneWorld Nederland
OneWorld UK    - Why
Open Democracy
OPIC - Overseas Private Investment Corporation
Optimum Population Trust - OPT
Overseas Development Institute    - Why
Oxfam    - Why
Oxford Union

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Parents Online
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
Parliamentary Network on the World Bank - PNoWB
Pax Christi    - Why
Peace Pledge Union    - Why
Pickled Politics
Plan International    - Why
Plan UK    - Why
Planet in Peril
PlaNet Finance
Polish Federation for Woman and Family Planning
Poppy Project
Population Action International
Population Institute
Population Services International - PSI
Primary Care Trusts
Pro-choice Forum
Progressio - Former name - CIIR - Catholic Institute for International Relations    - Why

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Quaker Peace & Social Witness    - Why
Qualifications and Curriculum Authority - QCA

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Race for Life -Breast Cancer
Recommended Standards for Sexual Health Services
Refugee Council    - Why
Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
Reproductive Health Matters
Reproductive Rights Coordinator, Gender Unit, Amnesty International
Rotary International    - Why
Royal College of Nursing - RCN
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists - RCOG
Royal Norwegian Embassy - London  *
Royal Mail
Royal Society of Medicine

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Salvation Army    - Why
Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission
Save the Children    - Why
Science Progress
The Scout Association
Select Committee On Science And Technology
Sex Education Forum
Sexual Health Services
Shaftesbury Society (The)    - Why
Sierra Club
Sightsavers International    - Why
Social Care Institute for Excellence - SCIE
Social Care Online
Speakeasy - fap
Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Women in Africa
Sport Relief
Street Child Africa
Street Kids International
Stop The Traffik
Stroke Associationn
Student Room (The)
Students Partnership Worldwide    - Why
Sure Start Plus

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Tearfund    - Why
Teenage Pregnancy Action Plan Strategists & Implementers
Teenage Pregnancy Unit
Terrence Higgins Trust
The Info Project - Popline
The Student Room
Think Girl
Think Green
Tides Foundation
Tony Blair Faith Foundation
Towards An EU Strategy On The Rights Of The Child
Trade Justice Movement
TUC    - Why

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UCL - University College London
UK Action Plan on Tackling Human Trafficking
UK Government Minister for Science and Innovation
UK National Stem Cell Network - UKNSCN
UK Policing, Security and Community Safety Minister
UK Public Health Association    - Why
UK Stem Cell Bank
UK Stem Cell Foundation
UK Stem Cell Initiative
UK Youth Parliament
UN Committee Against Torture
UN Committee on Civil and Political Rights
UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
UN Committee on the Rights of the Child
UN Compliance Committees
UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations
UN Foundation
UN General Assembly 2008
UN Working Group on Contemporary Forms of Slavery
UNA-UK    - Why
UNICEF    - Why
UNISON    - Why
United Kingdom Human Trafficking Centre - UKHTC
United Kingdom Mission to the United Nations  *    - Why
United Nations Human Rights Council
United Nations University
United Reformed Church    - Why
University & College Union
US Human Rights Network

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Voice for Choice
Voluntary Matters
VSO - Voluntary Services Overseas   - Why

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War Child
WAR Scotland
Wateraid    - Why
Wellchild Awards 2008
WellChild Pain Research Centre
Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics - WTCHG
Wellcome Trust Centre for Stem Cell Research
Widows and Orphans International
Wilberforce Institute - University of Hull    - Why
Wolfson Centre for Age Related Disease
Women Deliver Conference
Women & Equality Unit
Women In Touch - WIT
Women of the World
Womankind Worldwide
Women's Aid
Women's Health
Women's Link Worldwide
Women's Minister UK
Women's National Commission
Women's Sexual and Reproductive Rights Committee
Working Together to Safeguard Children
World Alliance of Reformed Churches - WARC
World Bank
World Congress Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
World Council of Churches - WCC
World Development Movement    - Why
World Emergency Relief - WER
World Food Programme - WFP
World Health Organisation
World Trade Organization
World Vision    - Why

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Youth Access
Youth Link
Young Adult Trust - YAT
YMCA    - Why
YWCA    - Why

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