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We all watched in horror the unfolding of the Beslan siege.  We saw the TV pictures of the siege ending in a violent, unplanned way.  We heard the screams of the parents knowing their children were in mortal danger yet helpless to initially do anything, but parents being parents, they put their children first and cautiously approached the school building, amidst a blaze of gunfire.  We watched as near naked children ran from their school - in 'normal' life a place of safety - but now being shot at.  We saw the bloodied bodies and we know that in many cases, at the end of the siege, there literally was no body that remained to be buried.

Our hearts went out to all the innocent victims involved.  Parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, friends, family, teachers, soldiers, and even strangers including the worldwide media, who were all caught up in the situation.  People whose lives had been changed and for why?

Who can even remember the reasons why these innocents died in such an obscene manner?  What purpose did it achieve?  A town torn apart but now sadly forgotten.  A town that very few had even heard of until that early morning in September 2004 - the first day of the school term.  338 people died.  Disaster funds were set up to help the people of Beslan.  Counsellors are still helping those traumatised.  People watching the events unfold asked how could anyone hurt let alone kill an innocent child?

Yet, in the UK alone, there are on average 500 babies killed daily by abortion.  Torn from their mother's womb for no real reason.  Worldwide the figures are unknown.  Yet the silence continues.  Pictures of unborn babies killed by abortion are not allowed to be shown on the TV, in the newspapers or even on the streets.  The mother's who realise the enormity of their actions are not allowed to grieve for their dead child, as the parents of dead Beslan children can, as they are told that it was their choice.  We kill our children silently and in secret yet throw our hands up in horror if one child is murdered.  We call ourselves a civilised country yet we encourage our children to be killed.

There are no disaster funds for the unborn.  There are no disaster funds for those trying to help the mothers whose pain is no less real.  There are no disaster funds because the images are not shown on the TV.  There are no disaster funds because the Governments of the nations actively support the destruction of children by abortion by paying for the promotion and implementation of the killings in hospitals and private clinics.

Did you respond in some way to help the victims of Beslan?  How are you responding to the daily killing of unborn children whose bodies are sluiced away, never to have a funeral?  You may have forgotten Beslan.  Please do not forget the unborn.