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British Broadcasting Corporation


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BBC World Service - Support IPPF

A letter in the Catholic Herald, February 12, 2004, from the Political Secretary of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children about newspaper claims that the acting BBC director general, Mark Byford, is a 'devout Catholic' went on to say that Mr Byford is on record supporting International Planned Parenthood Federation, the world's leading abortion promoter and provider.

We sent the following letter to Mr Byford:

According to the letter by Anthony Ozimic of SPUC, published in the Catholic Herald, February 12, 2004, you are on record as supporting IPPF while Director of BBC World Service.  I enclose a copy of the letter for your information.

According to the letter, in relation to a new series of "Sexwise" programmes, you are quoted as stating that "BBC World Service is working with the IPPF on this important project to help people around the world to make informed choices about their sexual health and well being."

Since "informed choices" about "sexual health" is IPPF's standard euphemism for abortion on demand, and since IPPF's activities in China also involve complicity in China's coercive population control programme, I hope you will now not only vigorously and publicly oppose IPPF and its support for such human rights abuses around the world but that you will also ensure that the BBC, as an organisation, publicly does likewise.'

Mark Byford, Acting Director General, BBC World Service replied thus:

'Thank you for your letter of 13th February. We can give you some information about the Sexwise initiative.

This project was run by the BBC World Service and completed four years ago.  It was aimed for our overseas listeners, in collaboration with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).  It was a significant international project responding to worldwide needs.  No licence fee money was involved as the BBC World Service is funded by Government grant-in-aid adminsitered by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  Funding for this project was from the Packard Foundation, the Department for International Development and the European Commission.  The project consisted of a website, booklet and radio programmes.  The website is the only remaining component and is no longer 'live'.

In addition to educating people about their sexual well-being, the website contains information about how to avoid, or deal with, problems.  These include sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV; sexual abuse; and unplanned pregnancy.  As well as explaining what is involved in terminating a pregnancy, the website emphasises that abortion is a contentious issue for many; that it is illegal in some countries; and that the decision about whether to proceed is an entirely personal choice.  This seemed a responsible approach in the context of a project which is designed to provide information to people in developing countries about their sexual well-being, choices and rights.

Founded in Bombay in 1952, the IPPF enjoys Category 1 consultative status at the United Nations and works closely with other voluntary, intergovernmental and UN agencies including the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), UNICEF and the World Health Organisation (WHO).  In China, the IPPF operates through the China Family Planning Association (CFPA).  The IPPF takes the view that constructive dialogue and engagement with the Chinese Government is the most effective way to promote reproductive rights.  The CFPA does not itself operate any clinical services, nor does it practice any abortion or sterilisation.  Its programmes focus on information, education and communication activities.  IPPF's rights-based approach is helping to reduce the incidence of coercive practices in China and encourage people to decide for themselves whether to opt for one or two children.  It also fulfils a monitoring role, identifying and reporting on reproductive rights abuses within the State Family Planning programmes.  The BBC therefore considers IPPF an appropriate partner for the Sexwise project.'

Copies of the above letters can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here.

Population Research Institute website provides evidence on coercive population control programmes around the world, including China's forced abortion practice and a recent full report which includes statements from two US Congressmen and four testimonies can be found by clicking here.

For a copy of the BBC's Sexwise click here.

BBC If Programme

On Wednesday 24 March 2004 the BBC broadcast a programme called 'If... the generations fall out'.  Viewers were requested to make their comments known via www.bbc.co.uk/if.  At the bottom of the debates page is the following: 'Disclaimer: The BBC may edit your comments and cannot guarantee that all e-mails will be published.'  As the BBC failed to print our concerns we have included them here.

"I am absolutely amazed that throughout the programme and having just read all the comments sent in for the debate, not once was the issue of abortion mentioned.

Since 1968, in the UK alone, we have killed over 6 million children by abortion.  These children, had they been alive today, would be contributing to taxes and pension funds.

Yes, the youngsters should be angry.  Not only are we making them pay for things we freely received, but we killed and are still killing their contemporaries - their brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces, uncles and aunts, even their future partner.  How many people are living alone who would desperately love to have a partner?

Not only have we been selfish in having, in the majority of cases, free abortions on the NHS (and not having to wait for them, but 'jumping the queue'), but the NHS also funds free contraceptives for anyone and everyone, no matter what their financial ability to pay is.  Now we are finding out that these same chemicals we are pumping into our bodies are cancer causing - breast cancer is rising at an alarming rate and still the Government and the 'experts' refuse to link it with either abortion or the contraceptive pill.

But don't worry!  The young have been indoctrinated to accept that condoms work, sex is fun at an early age and that they are 'safe'.  Except they are not.  STDs are on the rise and the young women of today may not even be able to have children because of infertility caused by Chlamydia, so they will be seeking IVF on the NHS.

The sperm count of men is also dangerously low now, possibly caused by contraceptive hormones in the water system.

So it will not just be the elderly seeking the benefits of the NHS in the future, but the current youngsters as well.  And who will do the work while they are too sick to work?

Immigration is not the answer as abortion, contraceptives, sterilisation, condoms, STDs including HIV are all worldwide issues and other countries could be in a worse position than we are due to under-population.

The only people who will benefit are the so called charities and large organisations who make millions out of the contraceptive, abortion and medical drug industries, and of course those who 'people' are the problem for the planet.

No people - healthy planet.

Oh, and we will all die, despite the comment from someone in the programme to say that the possibility is that life may not end.  Another correction is that we are not the generation that has the highest longevity - read the Genesis account of Adam and his family in the Bible - they lived between 500 and nearly a thousand years.  But if you don't believe in God, then you will believe anything - including the scaremongering put out by the IF programme.

There is a problem, but let's tackle the real source and try to work together, all ages, to solve the problem and not antagonise each other just because of age.

I for one, as a baby boomer, would like to apologise for the abortion I had at 17 back in the early 70s.  I was lied to then, just as society is lied to now.

And for the producers of the programme I would say wider research into reasons for the problem would have made a more honest programme."

Take Action - Write to:

Mark Byford, Acting Director General, BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, London, W12 7RJ or e-mail via BBC.

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