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And Still They Weep Video Resource

Every person knows somebody who has had an abortion.

The video ‘...and still they weep’ tells how the practice of abortion in our society has affected the lives of four women.

Grace and Patricia have both had abortions: they describe their experiences, their long search for forgiveness and the memories that will always stay.

Anne is the grandmother of an aborted child: when she encouraged her daughter to have an abortion the results for the whole family were both tragic and unexpected.  In order to safeguard the family, for whom these events still cause pain, Anne’s identity has been obscured.

Sue’s story is different: she declined an abortion after being told that her baby would be handicapped.

With the help of Joel Edwards, Elaine Storkey, Clifford Hill and other church and pro-life leaders, the second part of this video examines the issues raised by abortion and how biblical teaching should shape the Christian’s response.

An informative 56 page study guide is included to enable individuals or groups to benefit fully from this compelling and moving video.

And Still They Weep

Please contact SPUC to order this video.

Please visit our Healing page if you have had an abortion or supported someone who has.