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Reading about the issues may have prompted you to want to do something but you may not know where to begin.   There are a number of ways in which you can act.   Apart from the cost of stamps and stationery the following ideas do not involve fundraising and can initially be done from your own home.

You may also find it useful to visit our Campaigns page, for ideas and further action on individual issues.

  1. Pray - We will eventually be including prayer pages to guide you to pray more effectively but in the meantime use this and other web sites for prayer ideas.

  3. Write to your local Councillor, MP and/or MEP.  Details of names and addresses for your area can be obtained via websites.
    The address for MPs is: House of Commons, Westminster, London, SW1A 0AA.

  5. Write to your local Area Health Authority to find out information on local abortions, and then write to those agencies that perform abortions in your area.

  7. Contact GPs, Health Centres, chemists etc in your area and find out their policies.

  9. Write to local, national and periodical newspapers and magazines, in response to articles or letters.

  11. Write to local schools, colleges, youth clubs etc and find out what their policies are.

  13. Consider becoming a School Governor so that you can have a say in what is taught under the PSHE programme.

  15. Consider becoming a local Councillor to enable you to be in a position to promote pro-life pro-family policies.

  17. Write to the Department of Health to find out how much these policies cost the taxpayer.

  19. Write to the Department for International Development to find out what the UKs policies abroad are and how much they cost.

  21. Check out other web sites, both pro-life and anti-life to gain more information and understanding of the issues involved.   You may wish to begin with our Links page.

  23. Join with others in your locality to support each other and help educate more people about the issues.

  25. Write to us at and let us know of any related organised events that we may be able to promote on our Diaries page.

  27. Consider saving in an ethical way instead of letting your savings go to promote abortion/cancer causing drugs etc.

  29. Consider training to be a Schools Speaker.

  31. If you do wish to make a donation to United for Life please click here.  Our grateful thanks to anyone who is able to help support us in this vital work.

Please visit our Healing page if you have had an abortion or supported someone who has.

Get Writing