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Abstinence Education

Abstinence Education

It is slowly becoming recognised, particulalry in the United States, that the sex education that has been promoted is not working.  The figures for teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases are still on the rise in the UK as our politically correct sex educators insist on more of the same and to ever younger children.  However, some agencies are now beginning, slowly, to accept that 'abstinence' should be taught to our young people.  Sadly, though, they are teaching that it is okay to abstain from having a sexual relationship if it doesn't feel right at that particular time for that particular person.  They also teach that when it feels right, then it is okay to participate in a sexual relationship as it is the individual's own choice.

This is not abstinence as we would like it promoted.  Anyone can abstain from anything for a while, depending on whatever it is.  For example, many people abstain from chocolate during each period of Lent (the forty days before Easter).  This does not mean that they did not have chocolate before Lent, nor will they continue to deprive themselves of it after Lent.  It just means that every year during Lent they do not eat - or they abstain from - chocolate.

Abstaining from sexual relationships on and off may technically be 'abstinence' but it will not prevent anyone from being hurt from the different relationships that are entered into, either physically or emotionally.  Let us be clear.  Even if you think you are 'in love', unless you wait until your wedding night you will only put yourself at risk of being hurt.  Just because it might 'feel right' doesn't make it so.

The words that should be used instead of 'abstinence' and 'abstain' are 'chastity' and 'chaste'.  Those who remain chaste until their wedding night will not have to worry about unplanned pregnancy nor contracting sexually transmitted diseases.  They will be able to form relationships based on mutual love, understanding and communication - not sex.  Obviously if one of the partners has not practised chastity prior to marriage, but only 'abstained' for intermittent periods between 'partners', then they will not only be placing themselves at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases but will also put any future spouse at risk once married.  The only 100% way of having safe sex is to be chaste until the wedding night and then faithful within the marriage.

Leaflets, written by Dr ES Williams, former Director of Public Health, have been produced called Sex Education and the Bible and Abstinence or Chastity? which explains the ten essential differences in each case.  For further information please visit www.belmonthouse.co.uk.

ABNET & Truth for Teens

Abnet - Abstinence Education Network and Truth for Teens have produced a Power Point Presentation CD for schools, colleges, universities, churches, youth groups and even for family use, with a message of truth, hope and freedom for today’s generation.

Worth the Wait

This presentation has 52 slides and accompanying notes to enable teachers or parents to gain an understanding of the issues and to be able to respond to questions with informed, up to date answers.

£5.00 each including post and packing.

Order your copy today.

For details about ABNET and/or Truth for Teens please contact Chris Brennan

Please visit our Healing page if you have had an abortion or supported someone who has.

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