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Methods of Abortion - Introduction

Please be aware that the information on the methods of abortion are extremely unpleasant.  There are no actual pictures, only detailed written explanations.

Explaining the gruesome reality is necessary as many women are not told the truth when they seek information on abortion.  Generally they are told it is a simple, safe procedure and that they have nothing to worry about.  The word 'baby' is not spoken, neither are any pictures of the different stages of development shown.  This is false compassion in the mistaken belief that the truth would upset the woman more and she is already going through enough and just wants to have the abortion and get on with her life.

Another reason the mother is kept from the truth is because abortion is a big money making business.  If a mother realises what will really take place, she may change her mind and choose to keep the baby, thus depriving the abortion clinic of its livelihood.  For any mother to go ahead with any abortion procedure she must be able to make a fully informed decision.

Another fact to take into consideration is that ultrasound scans are not normally performed prior to abortion to ascertain how many babies are in the womb.  In the case of a multiple pregnancy the instruments could seriously damage other babies that might be in the womb that go on to be born.  Ultrasounds are not performed after an abortion to confirm that the womb is empty of body parts and so infection may occur.  If it is an ectopic pregnancy (the baby growing in the fallopian tube) the abortion will fail thus putting the mother's life at risk.

Sadly, when the truth is revealed after the abortion about how her baby died, her words are normally "Why didn't anyone tell me?"

The denial is then broken and for many the search for healing begins.  Whether they know it or not, the journey for forgiveness commences.

If you would prefer not to continue to read about abortion methods but would prefer to commence the journey for forgiveness and healing click here to find out 'Can God Forgive Me?'

To read about the methods of abortion click here for Methods of Abortion.

If you have had an abortion and would like to contact us, in confidence,
please Grace at United for Life.

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