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May 2015

29 May 2015
See Girls face jail for 40 years for miscarrying after rape
These women and girls need proper care and support outside prisons, but killing their children by abortion is not the answer.  Laws need to be changed to prosecute those who commit the rapes and incest.  These girls and women need protecting not further abuse.

29 May 2015
See Photo of Martin Luther King "He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps toperpetrate it.  He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."

28 May 2015
See Photo of C. Everett Koop - US Surgeon General. 1982-89   "In my 36 years in pediatric surgery, I've never known of one instance where the child had to be aborted to save the mother's life."
And that was then - think how much medical knowledge has advanced since then to save both the mother and the child.

28 May 2015
See Photo of Stand True Dot Com statments
I am against rape except in certain circumstances.
I am against child molestation except in certain circumstances.
I am against slavery except in certain circumstances.
I am against killing babies in the womb except in certain circumstances.
If the first three statements are ludicrous, then the fourth statement must be also.

28 May 2015
See Photo of little feet - the International Pro-life symbol "And I've noticed that everbody that is for for abortion has already been born." Ronald Reagan.

27 May 2015
See Blood-chilling scandal of the thousands of babies stolen by the State

26 May 2015
See Tragedy as 'fit and healthy' 21-year-old dies after taking the Pill   This has been known for decades yet women and young girls still take the pill without understanding the possible consequences!

18 May 2015 - Bill Gates and the Grand Conspiracy to Destroy Nigeria

When United for Life received the following Press Release containing information about Nigeria we were so horrified that Western Nations could treat Africans in such a way, we thought it would be useful for everyone to have the opportunity to also read about it.  How many other nations, without the people realising it, are caught up in the grip of people and organisations who seem to just walk all over others without a single care about them.  If what Philip Njemanze MD says is true, then there should be a public, worldwide outcry.  But as the single issue of killing children by abortion seems not to cause an outcry, is it any wonder that people such as Bill and Melinda Gates think they can continue unchallenged all for the sake of money and control?  One day, they too, will have to stand before the Lord Jesus and explain their actions.  Their money will not save them.  Please pray that before that day of Judgement comes, that they will have repented of their actions and sought forgiveness from the Lord Jesus, and that they will have used their money to genuinally helped the poor and needy around the world.

17 May 2015
Yesterday Saturday 16 March 2015 I went on the March for Life 2015 with my husband.  This was held in Birmingham City Centre (UK) and the theme was Make a Stand - Life from Conception - No Exception.  This was the third annual march.  It was much more professionally organised than the 2014 march that I had gone on. (Read More...)

15 May 2015
See Mother on ordeal of having a baby at 12 after her brother raped her  Had this young lady killed her (much loved) child by abortion her own pain would be even greater, but her brother would have got away with rape.  This is why abortion after rape is so wrong - in many cases the abuser would just continue abusing.  It is just sad that Tressa was not given the support she needed to help bring up her daughter.  Hopefully her daughter will seek her out when she is old enough to do so and heal the hurt that Tressa is currently experiencing.

13 May 2015
See Miracle baby found alive in china after being BURIED for eight days  Thank God this baby boy survived.  China still has a one child policy where boys are sought over girls as they are they look after their parents in old age.  Girls, once married no longer look after their parents.  Some areas of China are now allowing two children, especially if the first is a girl.  These poor parents obviously wanted a healthy boy, not one with a disability.  China still forcibly kills babies by abortion so nothing will be done about this baby's family.  Or if it is it will only be because the baby survived and so the world found out what still occurs in China.

13 May 2015
See Number of women freezing their eggs soar by 400% in a year  A woman is at her most fertile when in her late teens, early twenties.  For a reason.  It is not natural to delay having babies as so many women do, especially just for career reasons and then expect they can have children in their forties and expect everything to 'go as plan'.  This is just another money making exercise by big business that just doesn't work.  And in the meantime what happens to the frozen embryos not needed?  They are just destroyed as are frozen eggs.  And how many of these women may had already killed an unborn child by abortion because the time wasn't right for her as her career came first, or for whatever other reason?

11 May 2015
See The Killing Continues

10 May 2015
See Mass petition against post-abortion infanticide  We are all born equal - except seemingly those who 'should not have been born'.

10 May 2015
See Toddler turns two after parents refuse offer to abort  Well done the parents who refused the offer of killing their child by abortion even though they knew the baby had a severe disability.

6 May 2015
See General Election  This was originally on the front page of this website.

1 May 2015
See Bain-dead Nebraska Mom Karla Perex Kept Alive to Deliver Baby  What a lovely story of a baby's life saved under distressing circumstances.

1 May 2015
See Rights group urges Paraguay to permit girl to have abortion  Why are Amnesty insisting on this young innocent girl going through another traumatic experience of killing her innocent unborn baby by abortion?  This will cause her more harm mentally as well as possibly physically knowing that she had killed what could be her only child as many girls find that they cannot conceive in later life due to an abortion when they were younger.  At 21 weeks the baby is almost viable.  And the youngster is in the hospital where the doctors are treating both patients - the young mother and her unborn child and will do their best to ensure their safety.  This pregnancy has also shown that her step-father abused her.  If abortions are allowed, especially at an earlier stage of the pregnancy, the secret abuse would continue.  Well done Paraguay for refusing to kill unborn children by abortion.

1 May 2015
See Artificial wombs: The coming era of motherless births  Interesting article - heading towards the brave new world??

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Please visit May Blossom Ministries - Christian Healing after Abortion, if you have been affected by a baby being killed by abortion, or if you know someone who has.

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