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General Election 2015


On 7 May 2015 a General Election will take place in the UK.  Unlike in the USA when they have their election for a new President and all the razzamatazz that goes along with it, nobody in the UK, it seems, is interested in the daily slaughter of 500 unborn babies in the UK in their Party Manifestos.  It is obviously not an issue for the majority of the nation either.  Other issues have a higher profile especially the NHS that is at the top for most of the parties seeking election.  Actually it is individuals who are seeking election for a particular party, but apart from UKIP, all the other MPs will have to toe the party line when it comes to voting so what the people in their constituencies believe doesn't matter.

There is a way for the NHS to save money, save lives and enrich the quality of life for thousands, if not millions of people throughout the nation.  It is a very radical idea which is really 'the elephant in the room'.  It is an idea that very few politicians would not even consider contemplating.  They would see it as a vote loser.  But it would also solve a lot of the problems the nation has, and that have been getting worse for decades.  It would entail a complete lifestyle change for millions of people.  It could even be achieved whether or not the idea is voted for or legislated for in Parliament.

It comes under the umbrella heading of 'Healthy Lifestyle'.  Now who wouldn't want to lead a healthier lifestyle?  But with today's politically correct ideas promoted above all else, and the fact that most people have gone along with them, genuine healthy lifestyles are ignored for the 'safer sex' lifestyle that has been promoted in its place.  People of all generations are encouraged, rightly so, to eat a healthy diet, exercise, not smoke or drink too much and not to take drugs.  The 'nanny state' is trying to control our every action.  So how would following a healthy lifestyle change us individually and as a nation and divert money in the NHS to pay for health procedures that are genuinely needed and not 'lifestyle' choices?

  1. First, stop the continuous promotion of sex education in the schools to ever younger children.  This has only encouraged more children to experiment and has raised the levels of teenage pregnancies and STD's in our young people.  It has also encouraged children to have secrets from their parents that could be dangerous if the parents are not aware that their daughter is using medical contraceptives that they have obtained through the schools.  Marriage between one man and one woman should be taught in all schools and sex outside of marriage should not be encouraged.

  2. Secondly, Teach Natural Family Planning to those who wish to decide when to have children, preferably within the framework of marriage.  NFP is free to everyone and has no side effects, unlike contraceptives that cost the NHS millions of pounds each year and is freely given to anyone who wants it, irrespective of income.  'Free' contraception has been available since the mid fifties for married couples and single people since the sixties.  The cost of free contraceptives over the years runs into millions if not billions of pounds.

  3. Contraceptives fail.  The so called 'responsible action' following failed contraceptives, should the woman get pregnant, is to destroy the child by abortion.  There have been over eight million (8,000,000) babies killed by abortion since the 1967 Abortion Act.  The NHS funds the majority of these abortions either by carrying out the abortions in NHS hospitals or paying organisations like Marie Stopes or British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) to do them on their behalf.  In recent times Marie Stopes Internatinal could have been paid 86 million by the British taxpayer for abortion and contraceptive advice and services.  This is money that could be better spent to pay for more doctors, nurses and midwives.

  4. If people could just have one lifetime partner each instead of having multiple partners then the rates of STD's would go down.  Currently the rates are rising daily which means the NHS has to pay for testing and medicines to try to alliviate the symptoms.  Some STDs, once contracted, are incurable which means the person is forever at risk of passing the disease on to other 'partners'.  This all comes at a cost; financial as well as medical.

  5. The environment is being affected.  Contraceptives are constantly in the water system.  Estrogen levels are so high even fish are changing sex or becoming asexual.  What effect could this be having on the male population?  Could it be making men more effefeminate and less masculine, effecting their sperm count?

  6. What is the financial cost to society due to women killing their babies by abortion?  Many women are hurting and are suffering depression in some form or another because subconsciously they know they have killed their child and that it was wrong.  Many women admit that the action of killing their child by abortion was the trigger that has caused them the pain they are suffering from.  Society as a whole is in denial about the killing of 500 babies a day in the UK and this affects each person, whether they admit to it or not.  We cannot keep killing our unborn children then wonder why their is a general malise running through the nation.  This is all at a cost to the NHS who then have to pay out for medication to help those who have symptons of PTSD.  See May Blossom to find out more.

So briefly, it can be seen that society as a whole, but individuals in general, are suffering throughout the land whether it is caused by sex education promoting 'safe sex' or 'same sex' lifestlyes outside of monogomous marriage between one man and one woman, which can lead to contracting STD's.  Using contraceptives and poisoning their bodies with drugs, or contraceptives that fail producing unwanted pregnancies.  Killing our children by abortion and suffering from Post Abortion Syndrome.  One leads on to the other and is costing the NHS millions, if not billions, in financial terms.  Money that could be better appropriated for genuine medical care.

It is therefore, worth asking your prospective parliamentary candidate his or her views on the above and see what response you get.  It may not be a vote catcher, but it certainly is a money and life saver and the right thing to do.

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Please visit May Blossom Ministries - Christian Healing after Abortion, if you have been affected by a baby being killed by abortion, or if you know someone who has.

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