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Bill Gates and The Grand conspiracy To Destroy Nigeria!


By Philip Njemanze MD (Uploaded 18 May 2015)

The National Council on Health presided over by Dr Khaliru Alhassan, the Supervising Minister for Health has inaugurated a national committee to implement the National Health Act 2015.  The committee comprised a listing of about 27 organizations of which 18 on the list were foreign organizations to implement a Nigeria health law!  At the helm of the committee is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Embassies of foreign Western Diplomatic Missions in Nigeria, WHO and other UN organizations.  The action of the Minister constitutes a treasonable felony under the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, because health is considered National Security and surrendering the National Health System to foreign organizations amounts to an act of treason!  To the amazement of Nigerians present at the meeting, organizations like the Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN), which oversees the interests of the private sector medical practitioners and the Association of Catholic Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (ACMPN), which oversees the ethical practice of medicine were locked out prompting vehement protests by delegates who literally gate crashed into the meeting to be given a voice to speak about Nigerian health system, while foreign governments were presiding over the implementation of the laws on Nigerian health system.

The committee has started work and Bill Gates has moved to begin acquisition of all Federal Medical Centres around the country beginning with the Southeast.  In Owerri, the so-called privatization and public-private partnership (PPP) has acquired the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri.  This is causing a severe crisis and strikes as health workers face layoffs to make way for the new owners and their team.  Similar strikes are expected to commence all over the Southeast which happens to be the first zone in the privatization effort.  The implementation of this act is illegal so far as the National Health Act 2014 has not been domesticated by the State Assemblies in the various states.  National Health Act 2014 as passed by the National Assembly is only in force in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.  Observers suspect that the Southeast might be the main target of what should have been a national program.  This is scary because should the Bill Gates Plan prioritize targeting Igbo states, ‘ethnic cleansing of Igbos’ could be accomplished within a few years.  More people will die from the hand of Human Organ traffickers within one year than all through the three years of Biafran Civil War.  Other observers have noted that while Bill Gates targeted the Northeast to capture the food security, the Southeast maybe more susceptible to the human organ trafficking and ovarian egg poaching by the international cartel.  The covert plan by Bill Gates will provide him the infrastructure for a massive Human Organ Trafficking Trade whereby human organs would be poached from Nigerians for sale via internet to rich Western organ transplant recipients.  A huge market exists for human organ transplantation tourism whereby Western patients would travel to Nigeria under the propaganda cover that Nigerian Hospitals have become better and cheaper than in the Western countries, so patients come from abroad to Nigeria to receive healthcare.  There would be no mention that these international patients come to Nigeria to receive Nigerian organs from unsuspecting ignorant and naive Nigerian patients who run to these hospitals to get advanced ‘white man’ hospital care but only come out dead or with vital organs and their ovarian eggs poached.  Analysts see the plans by Bill Gates as extensive including capture of political power and using his caucus in the legislature to pass the laws required for his unwholesome plans.

Akinwumi Adesina and Bill Gates

Bill Gates, Tony Elumelu and Bill Clinton

Dangote and Bill Gates

Bill Gates and Tony Blair

Under the present administration few would argue that Bill Gates controls several ministries and parastatals including Federal Ministry of Health, Agriculture, Science and Technology, biotechnology and information technology.  He has expanded his influence in agriculture, banking and power generation using billionaire associates likes Tony Elumelu of Heirs Foundation and Aliko Dangote.  The aim is to have a strangulating hold on the entire Nigerian economy including monopoly on food, banking, power, information technology and health.  Analysts feel that, the Bill Gates’ Biological Colonialism of Nigeria and the entire Black Africa will last for more than a century given the pace of his success thus far, even long after he is gone.  Many observers believe that, since Bill Gates paid $20 billion to buy over the United Nations, he was able to mute opposition from the World body and the UN apparatus is now at work for the success of his Evil plans.  The Western G7 leaders are complicit in this Grand Conspiracy Against Nigeria!  Their motives are the prospects of success of the Bill Gates Tissue Cloning Project from embryonic stem cells poached from 10 million Nigerian women yearly, who will die 2-3 years later from complication.  The expected earnings for Bill Gates and other Western Billionaires are huge, yielding over 30 trillion US Dollars in tax revenues for Western economies.  The Western Capitalism is addicted to banditry and exploitation of Black Africans, but ignorance and naivety have not allowed most African leaders to comprehend this fact of life.  The loss of memory of the cruelty of slavery and colonialism is such that one may be right to say we have lost the sense of history and its bitter lessons.  One seemly unimportant but very effective means employed by Bill Gates is to provide technological assistance with software that allows filtering of all information and eavesdropping on African leaders as demonstrated with the Wikileaks exposé.  He also controls emails and letters delivered to the National Assembly and important government offices.  In a test of his versatility in this area, prolife organizations trying to deliver letters protesting the National Health Bill through the Nigerian postal service found out that their letters were stuck in the postal system due to an unprecedented strike (said in the media to be by pensioners) for weeks until after the Assembly members deliberated on the Bill.  The parliamentarians in Nigeria unlike elsewhere in the World do not provide their personal emails for communication with their constituencies.  This isolation has led to their being ignorant of what they were sent to do, to the detriment of National Security.  We hope that the most important reform in the 8th National Assembly and State Assemblies is to publish the working emails and phone numbers of the constituency offices of the legislators as demanded by the Constitution, Freedom of Information Act and the House Rules.

In the post election period Bill Gates is stepping up activity to get the incoming Buhari Administration not to reverse the misdeeds and outright treasonable actions of the Jonathan administration and the 7th National Assembly with regard to the National Health Act 2014 and Biosafety Law 2015.  The visit by the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a long-term protégé of Bill Gates is one of such visible steps to get the Buhari administration to fall in line with the Bill Gates plan.  It must be remembered that according to APC leaders, the international adviser in the election campaign was Mr David Axelrod (former Obama campaign manager) who is actually the chief political adviser to Bill Gates.  His assistance was helpful to APC, and Bill Gates had hoped to have considerable influence on Buhari Administration through this relationship.  Early indications may suggest that this may not be so.  The Buhari administration is reaffirming Nigeria’s interests and patriotism.  The personality of Buhari as assessed by neuropsychologists and related to Western leaders is a healthy mix of the perseverance of Nelson Mandela and the obstinacy of Robert Mugabe!  They have decided to proceed cautiously, accomplishing everything now that President Goodluck Jonathan has capitulated before the handover, so President Buhari should he choose to, would have to fight to upturn these laws against the opposition from their coalition that would emerge in the 8th National Assembly.  There is now panic in Western capitals that the Bill Gates Plan may collapse altogether if Buhari does not play ball.  Bill Gates’ military arm of Boko Haram has almost been dismantled, as the political stakes became so high for Western leaders if they are pinned down by their own opposition in parliament for supporting terrorism.  In their home countries, questions are being asked so there is a shift in tactics.  A series of seemingly diplomatic efforts are underway to bring additional pressures on the Buhari administration, by portraying the effort as ‘Western goodwill’.  First, they chose the trouble shooter for the Western interests in Africa Tony Blair, who always claims that because he grew up in Africa he knows how best to twist African heads of states.  This may be true because he twisted Muamar Ghadafi into submission to Western demands, that later killed him.  The Bill Gates Plan to support APC through his protégé David Axelrod worked too well but now maybe against him.  It was initially intended to pressure President Jonathan to sign the National Health Act 2014 and Biosafety Law 2015.  President Jonathan held off signing until he felt overwhelmed at the brink of impeachment and he conceded way too late because the plan against him was far too advanced.  On the other hand, Buhari’s reactions remain unpredictable as he has not given signs either way.

Meanwhile, plans have been completed to physically eliminate and kill Nigerian doctors.  A program supported by Bill Gates Foundation to provide yellow pages for Nigerian doctors with all their data profile and pictures will facilitate tracking of the doctors.  The plan is similar to that implemented by Bill Gates and Monsanto to kill over 250,000 Nigerian farmers who were first tracked using the so-called electronic wallets for agricredit.  Bill Gates sponsored through the Federal Ministry of Agriculture 14.5 million cell phones given to farmers under the pretext that it will help provide them agricredit.  The real reason is actually to track them, kill them or expel them from their farms.  They successfully expelled an estimated 5.5 million farmers from the Northeast zone using mercenaries deceptively called ‘Boko Haram’.  The mercenaries were trained by Blackwater (also called Academie or Xe services) owned by Bill Gates since 2009.  The successful killing, kidnapping and expulsion of Nigerian farmers from the Northeast marked the end of the need for military campaign, hence the so-called eradication of Boko Haram.  President Jonathan handed them victory when he signed the Biosafety Law 2015, which authorizes biotechnology companies to plant genetically modified organisms (GMOs) crops in Nigeria.  They are now allowing farmers to come back, providing them GMOs seeds from Monsanto.  This would mean that the entire Northeast food basket of Nigeria will now be dependent on GMOs crops (rice, maize, tomatoes, cassava, yam, millet, sorghum etc) from Monsanto owned by Bill Gates.  The food security of 170 million Nigerians would depend on One American Billionaire to feed us.  The man who made all this possible for Bill Gates, is the Minister of Agriculture Dr Akinwumi Adesina, who would be rewarded as the next head of the Africa Development Bank, a position that would help Bill Gates spread his toxic GMOs across Africa!  What does Bill Gates want in return?  The key legislations for the Bill Gates Plan to work are the Biosafety law and the National Health Act.

How Does Biosafety Law Endanger Nigeria’s Food Security?

President Jonathan signed the Biosafety law in March, 2015.  The ink had not dried on the paper of the Biosafety Law when the phone rang from President Obama of the United States and Vice President Biden, who for months never talked to Jonathan on any issues.  These congratulatory messages were to mark the submission of the food security of Nigeria, the largest Black African Nation to the dictates of the American Biotechnology conglomerates Monsanto and their main investor Bill Gates.  The capture of the food security of Nigeria especially in the Northeast food basket of Nigeria was the reason behind the entire Boko Haram Crisis first eluded in the >a href="http://crimefacts.org/bill-gates-is-funding-boko-haram-in-nigeria-by-bernard-oscar-shaw">international press - http://crimefacts.org/bill-gates-is-funding-boko-haram-in-nigeria-by-bernard-oscar-shaw.  The first phase was the killing and driving away of the indigenous farmers out of their farms but to later resettle them by giving them the GMOs seeds to plant and Monsanto pesticides to use in their farms.  The second phase is to create the Ovarian Egg-for-Food Program (GMOs seeds for ovarian egg poached from African women) in African Countries (see petitions to US Congress: http://crimefacts.org/group-petitions-us-congress-over-bill-gates-gmos-crops-threat-to-food-security-in-nigeria-others/ ) to supply ovarian eggs for embryonic stem cell research and organ cloning for the Western Biotechnology companies as well as human organ trafficking from Nigeria (see TV program https://youtu.be/tXtnHftURLs ).  At first, the GMOs seeds would be FREE, but later you have to pay heavily.  Nigeria is in total capitulation as a nation under siege by American Biotechnology interests.  The Biosafety law has been trumped up by the international biotechnology conglomerates and their national partners at the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA).  The Director General, Professor Lucy Ogbadu, said the bill “ will provide a regulatory framework in the application of modern biotechnology in Nigeria”.

The Federal government of Nigeria in year 2000, signed and approved the international binding biosafety protocol known as the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety.  However, there has been little public discussion on the real facts contained in this law.  The propaganda has been that, the so-called Nigerian Biosafety law addresses the safe transfer and handling of Genetically Modified Organisms.  Does it really do that?  Or is it to provide a legal backing for the international biotechnology conglomerates to take over the entire food security of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and expose Nigerians to enormous health risks?  The joint committee of the Global Prolife Alliance (GPA) and the Association of Catholic Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (ACMPN) have examined in detail the provisions of the Biosafety law, and excerpts are given below.  Other organizations like the Food Sovereignty and Agrofuels Program Environmental Rights Action/Friends of Earth Nigeria (ERA/FoEN) have also emphasized the risks and the roles played by the biotechnology conglomerates especially the biotechnology company Monsanto, St Louis, Missouri, USA and the Danforth Foundation, St Louis, Missouri, USA under the sponsorship of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In general, the hidden purposes of the Biosafety law are:

  1. To introduce an absolute monopoly of food production in Nigeria for the sole ownership of patented GMOs food products by biotechnology conglomerates;
  2. This will permit the biotechnology companies to control food prices;
  3. To introduce genes for control of fertility and hence population, causing programmed famine and to hold to ransom the National Security of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  4. GMOs have terminator genes which do not permit replication or restricts it;
  5. GMOs are mono-crops that are planted at specific sites and takes out specific nutrients from the Nigerian soil, which would become deficient in vital nutrients and become absolutely dependent on imported fertilizers and pesticides;
  6. GMOs would endanger the growth of other natural crops by contamination from cross pollination;
  7. US Department of Agriculture report confirms the poor yield performance of GMOs crops, saying, “GMOs crops available for commercial use do not increase the yield potential of a variety.  In fact, yield may even decrease.”  In 2008, the United Nations International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) also concluded that GMOs technology is not likely to contribute significantly to increasing yield potential in the future.
  8. Nigeria would move from relative food security to absolute ‘food dependence’ on the outside World!  These were the arguments for the rejection of GMOs in the EU, Russia, Britain and other countries, a campaign spear-headed by Prince Charles of Great Britain!
  9. The title of the law labelled ‘Biosafety’ is totally deceptive, designed to distract the public, who are generally impatient to read the fine prints.  It is but a rubber stamp for all GMOs imported or grown in Nigeria to avoid independent rigorous scientific testing.  The law will permit trafficking of illegal GMOs foods through Nigeria to other African countries.
  10. Nigeria cannot export food even from none GMOs sources to the EU, Russia, China, Latin America because of contaminated genes with GMOs!  While Europeans have abandoned the GMOs and queue for organic foods from Africa which offers us an export advantage in this area, Bill Gates plans to force feed Nigerians with toxic GMOs and contaminate our organic foods and natural habitat.

Specifically, the Biosafety Law states in:

Section 32 (1) Every applicant seeking approval for any genetically modified organism under this Act shall, prior to the submission of the application, carry out a mandatory risk assessment of the potential risk the genetically modified organisms poses to human health, animal, plant or the environment in Nigeria.
Section 32 (4) Where the National Biosafety Committee (NBC) carries out the risk assessment, the Agency may direct that such applicant bears the cost of carrying out the risk assessment notwithstanding that the applicant has previously carried out his own risk assessment.

Common sense would dictate that, there is a clear conflict of interest in Sections 32 (1) and (4), where the applicant is the de facto umpire for adjudication of a matter he/she has commercial interest in.  As the saying goes ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune’.  The Biosafety law in its present form has given financial and legal leverage to the biotechnology conglomerates.  The biotechnology firms have very poor records of transparency in matters of biosafety and health, related to their GMOs products.  The main biotechnology conglomerate Monsanto in Nigeria is owned in part by Bill Gates.  We will provide a clear illustration of this lack of transparency in the evaluation of GMOs cassava involving proponents active in Nigeria.  Bill Gates sponsored a research at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center to demonstrate that, cassava, the major food source in Nigeria, could one day be turned into a food staple “capable of supplying inexpensive, plant-based proteins for food, feed and industrial applications”.  After publication in an authoritative peer-review Journal PLoS One in 2012, (http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016256 ), it was revealed that, this was a total scientific forgery and was retracted from scientific literature.  This information below is displayed at the website as of 6/3/2015:

Following the publication of this article, the authors have been unable to confirm the presence of the zeolin gene within the transgenic cassava plants in several subsequent studies.  This raises concerns about the validity of the results reported in the article.  Additionally, the Committee on Research Integrity at Donald Danforth Plant Science Center has carried out an institutional investigation which revealed that significant amounts of data and supporting documentation that were claimed to be produced by the first author could not be found.  Given that the validity of the results could not be verified, and in line with the recommendation issued by the corresponding author's institution, the authors retract the article.  The authors apologize to the readers.

7 Sep 2012: Abhary M, Siritunga D, Stevens G, Taylor NJ, Fauquet CM (2012) Retraction: Transgenic Biofortification of the Starchy Staple Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Generates a Novel Sink for Protein. PLoS ONE 7(9): 10.1371/annotation/9081d3ad-e74f-47f1-a722-cf02048a14c5. doi: 10.1371/annotation/9081d3ad-e74f-47f1-a722-cf02048a14c5

Despite these scientific facts on clear forgery, Bill Gates and his collaborators at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and the International Institutes of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) continued to distribute the so-called yellow cassava (or yellow root) in Nigeria purporting that it contains vitamin A, even before the passage of the current Biosafety law.  By some estimates, the dietary value of the yellow root cassava as a source of vitamin A is so insignificant.  One has to eat a bag of yellow root garri to get the vitamin A as in two small pieces of carrot!  The law does not afford protection for Nigerians from the impending health and environmental hazards of use of GMOs cassava, yam, maize, millet and sorghum, usually sold under the deceptive label of ‘improved seedlings’.  On the contrary, the law legitimizes false claims by GMOs companies like that of yellow cassava in the example given above.

The revolution in the Nigerian telecommunication industry was only possible due to a transparent process for licensure.  The mobile telephone operators were required to pay hundreds of millions of US dollars for licensure on a product with minimal biohazards.  There is no requirement for financial obligations for licensure for GMOs products with enormous potential for health hazards!  The GMOs pose great risks to the public and should face much higher demands in billions of US dollars as security deposits.  The bidding for licensure for specific GMOs food products after safety is guaranteed must be open, competitive, transparent with all information made available in the public domain.  If this was not done for the telecommunication industry, we would have created monopolies worse than NITEL!  If these conditions are not acceptable to the biotechnology conglomerates then they should not license their products in Nigeria.  The reality is that, the process of environmental remediation and compensation of victims in the event of an adverse health effect could cost the Nigerian taxpayer more than five billion US dollars for a single event.  It therefore follows that, companies seeking licensure for GMOs food products should provide a security deposit in the range of billions of US dollars in the event of an adverse effect.  Independent research institutions and universities would under research grant from the Federal Government carry out serious peer-reviewed risk assessment on the potential risks to human health, animal, plants and the environment.  The period for assessment of the potential risks should span over a five-year period (not 270 days as proposed in the law) to allow proper scientific evaluation of the data presented and its rebuttal.  This will assure that biotechnology companies marketing GMOs food products would not use Nigeria as a dumping ground.  The safety issues would be taken very seriously.

Now, the question arises, what potential good could come from legalization of GMOs food products in Nigeria?  Many have said that, millions of US dollars were paid by the Biotechnology Conglomerates to corrupt legislators to pass the Biosafety law in many African countries including Nigeria.  The Obama administration openly lobbied for passage of the Biosafety law in Africa.  But what good does it bring to Africans?  Legalization of GMOs in Nigeria is an ‘economic suicide for small farmers’, because even a 1% contamination with GMOs products would attract a ban of the food products by the European Union, China, Russia and other advanced countries.  This means that, farmers cannot export even their natural products (contaminated by cross pollination) to earn hard foreign currency.  The idea is ‘you produce your GMOs food poisons in Nigeria, you eat it and share it among Africans!

The perpetual dependency of small farmers on GMOs patented seeds from major foreign companies who control prices has been a source of grave distress.  The 250,000 BT cotton growers in India who committed suicide as a result of economic hardship is one example of the devastating effects on the small farmers unleashed by GMOs.  At first, they were promised free seeds, then, they had to pay 300 rupees and later 1,200 rupees for the same amount of seeds. &nbap;Many who could not meet up took their own lives instead of living in destitution.  Large plantations by major biotechnology conglomerates will thrive, while unemployment would rise in rural communities dispossessed by the international biotechnology firms.  South African farmers are facing similar challenges.  If the future of agriculture in Nigeria is towards the use of GMOs, then it is bleak!  Millions of poor Indian farmers are either dead or without a means of livelihood because of their corrupt politicians who are no more corrupt than ours in Nigeria.  The FG’s agricultural reform has gone too wrong!  All communities must reject all GMOs seeds and pesticides because they constitute a grave risk to human health and to their economic survival.

National Health Act 2014 (NHA 2014) Legalizes Human Organ Trafficking and Ovarian Egg poaching

Nigerians have been told that the NHA 2014 is a legal framework to improve medical services in Nigeria.  However, what they are not told, are what exactly the improvements are.  Some people say that, there is free maternal and child care, as if it has not been free in most parts of Nigeria for years.  Others say, that it is to stop medical tourism out of Nigeria, but they will not mention how?  For others they say, new better health facilities by foreign investors will be built, but they do not mention for whom.  The Global Prolife Alliance (GPA), the Association of Catholic Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (ACMPN), the Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN) and other stakeholders have long opposed the NHA 2014 in its present form.  Their opposition to the NHA 2014 is not clearly understood by the ordinary Nigerian.  Most experts called upon to analyze the Act, just put forward deceptive arguments to paint a rosy picture, because of personal interests and the huge bribes used to influence the passage of the law.  We will discuss the contentious sections of the law (Sections 13, 20, 43, 45, 48, 51, 53, 58, and definition of gametes) and pitfalls which are obvious to anyone applying common sense.

The Act in Section 51 states that:
(1) A person shall not remove tissue from a living person for transplantation in another living person or carry out the transplantation of such tissue except:-
(a) in a hospital authorised for that purpose; and
(b) on the written authority of:
(i) the medical practitioner in charge of clinical services in that hospital or any other medical practitioner authorised by him or her; or
(ii) in the case where there is no medical practitioner in charge of the clinical services at that hospital a medical practitioner authorised thereto by the person in charge of the hospital.
(2) The medical practitioner stated in subsection (1)(b) shall not be the lead participant in a transplant for which he has granted authorisation under that subsection.
(3) For the purpose of transplantation, there shall be an independent tissue transplantation Committee within any health establishment that engages in the act and practice of transplantation as prescribed.

REBUTTAL of Section 51:
Section 51 focuses on transplantation which is irrelevant to health system regulation law.  Transplantation issues are usually addressed in a separate law on its own.  They were inserted because they were the main interest of the foreign organ trafficking cartel that sponsored the passage of the law.  The main subject of any transplantation surgery is the patient who is the DONOR (that provides the organ) and the one who is the RECEIPIENT (that receives the organ).  This section should first acknowledge the rights and obligations of the DONOR and the RECEIPIENT!  Rather, the drafters chose to acknowledge the rights of the health administrator who has no ‘locus’ in the matter.  The health administrator has nothing at stake.  It is a fundamental legal principle: nemo dat quod non habet - ‘you cannot give, what you do not have’, in other words, the doctor cannot authorize transplantation of another person’s organ.  For the first time in history of parliamentary legislation, this universally recognized legal principle was overturned in the NHA 2014.  The doctor/administrator was given the power over the right to life of another person (the DONOR).  Section 51 was worded on purpose, because the Organ Trafficking Cartel who owns the hospitals (260 foreign owned hospitals acquired as Federal Medical Centres, General Hospitals and Teaching Hospitals under public private partnership) licensed for transplantation would be the same people who would decide that a Nigerian’s organ be poached without even asking him/her.  The NHA 2014 permits their doctors to collect the organs without consent of the owner.  All stakeholders present at the public hearings demanded that Section 51(b) clearly state “on the written informed consent of the patient (DONOR)’.  Any administrative instructions by the management of the hospital on transplantation are only subject to the patient’s informed written consent.  All speakers rejected the argument raised by Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa that, Section 48 provided for ‘informed consent’.  To put the opposition on record, Senator Okowa called for a vote, and it was overwhelmingly accepted that the DONOR consent amendment be inserted in Section 51.  However, this was not corrected.

Section 51 as presently stated is a gross violation of the Helsinki Declaration on human subject written informed consent for medical procedures and research.  It is a gross violation of Article 3 of the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights, as well as a violation of the Fundamental Right to Life in Article 33 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  Violations of the Helsinki Declaration and UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights are very serious and could attract sanctions against Nigeria including suspension of its privileges as a UN member state!  Nigeria’s human rights record could be downgraded to that, even below North Korea.

The proponents of the law say that, in Section 48 there is a provision for DONOR consent.

Let us examine section 48:
(1) Subject to the provision of section 53, a person shall not remove tissue, blood or blood product from the body of another living person for any purpose except;
(a) with the informed consent of the person from whom the tissue, blood or blood product is removed granted in prescribed manner;
(b) that the consent clause may be waived for medical investigations and treatment in emergency cases; and
(c) in accordance with prescribed protocols by the appropriate authority.
(2) A person shall not remove tissue which is not replaceable by natural processes from a person younger than eighteen years.
(3) A tissue, blood or a blood product shall not be removed from the body of another living persons for purpose of merchandise, sale, or commercial purposes.
(4) A person who contravenes the provisions of this section or fails to comply therewith is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction as follows:
(a) in the case of tissue, a fine of N1,000,000 or imprisonment of not less than two years or both; and
(b) in the case of blood or blood products, a fine of N100,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or both.


First, the law makes reference to Section 53.
It is an Offence for a person:-
(a) who has donated tissue, blood or a blood product to receive any form of financial or other reward for such donation, except for the reimbursement of reasonable costs incurred by him or her to provide such donation;
(b) to sell or trade in tissue blood, blood products except for reasonable payments made in appropriate health establishment for the procurement of tissues, blood or blood products
(2) Any person found guilty of an offence under subsection (1) is liable on conviction to a fine of N100,000 (one hundred thousand naira) or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or to both fine and imprisonment.

REBUTTAL of Section 53:-

Section 53 states that, it is legal to ask for reimbursement of ‘reasonable cost’.  So the reader should consider what is ‘reasonable costs’, for donating one of his/her kidneys.  Could this cost be N10,000 or N10,000,000?  The answer to this question reveals that, the preferred option of what many people would consider reasonable for risking his/her life to donate a kidney will be N10 million rather than N10,000.  This is what clearly points to the deceptive language that, was used in the NHA 2014 to legalize human organ trafficking.  This point was raised by the ACMPN, AGPMPN and other stakeholders in memos and presentations at the public hearings on the Bill.  It was well appreciated by the Nigerians present and the legislators promised to amend this section but never did.  Secondly, while it seems that it is illegal for a person to sell organs under Section 53a, it is clearly legal for the health establishment to buy organs under Section 53b.  This was inserted to exonerate the hospitals of the Cartel from any legal liabilities in Nigeria.

Section 48 (b) waives the right to Consent in Emergency.  What is emergency?

Oxford Dictionary: A serious unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

Wikipedia: An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property, or environment.

By the definition of emergency in medicine most health conditions may at some point in development qualify as an emergency that requires immediate intervention.  Even headache can present an emergency!  What the NHA 2014 states is that, in all these situations regarded as emergency, the Informed Consent of the Patient may be waived for investigations and treatment.  The reader should understand that, the two major functions of the hospital are investigations and treatment.  In other words, for all what the hospital wants to do including surgery, there is no legal requirement to ask the patient, what should be done to him or her.  This has never been acceptable in the history of humanity.  The Nuremberg trials were instituted against German Nazi doctors who experimented on Jews without written informed consent.  Here in Nigeria, we now have a law (NHA 2014) which mandates an even more barbaric act against Nigerians passed by their own parliament!  The argument made by proponents that, it was done because of people with ‘lack of education’ is complete nonsense.  The person who is not educated (probably because he/she cannot speak English) could understand and reply to you in his/her language.  It is forbidden in medical practice to waive the Right of Consent under any circumstance for living or even dead persons.  Even when a living patient is unconscious or unable to make decisions, the Right of Consent is temporarily transferred to his next-of-kin or guardian or parents in the case of a child, but is NEVER WAIVED.

Note that Section 48 (3) forbids selling and buying of organs.  This provision is deceptive, because to pay money to the person whose organ was collected is illegal except for the so-called ‘reasonable costs’ but for the hospital to sell the organ to another person may not be in the scope of this law in Nigeria, because the commercial transaction could take place on the internet hence not under any territorial jurisdiction.  In order to make sure that organs, are collected from millions of Nigerians who will die in organ poaching, the law makes in Section 20, Emergency treatment FREE:

Section 20 (1) A health care provider, health worker or health establishment shall not refuse a person emergency medical treatment for any reason whatsoever.  All medical conditions could be considered an emergency under this law because there is no definition of what is an ‘emergency’.  This would mean that the hospitals will admit many people under a purported emergency.  The Medical Director decides under Sections 48 and 51, that the organ of that patient be taken for transplantation to another living person, who is the ‘Organ Transplantation Tourist’, who paid hundreds of thousands of US dollars to receive the heart of a Nigerian via the internet.  All these transactions are perfectly legal under the NHA 2014.  The Nigerian could have been admitted for any reason but the law permits the Medical Director to authorize surgery for transplantation of the patient’s organs to another person.  This decision would be technically legal under Section 51.  If the patient dies and his organs poached, the same Medical Director is empowered by this law to decide, whether or not, to carry out an autopsy to uncover a crime committed at the same hospital.  The International Organ traffickers installed this provision in Section 58, to protect themselves from being discovered.

Section 58:

  1. Subject to subsection (2), a post mortem examination of the deceased person may be conducted if-
    (a) the person, while alive, gave consent thereto;
    (b) the spouse, child, parent, guardian, brother or sister of the deceased not below the age of eighteen (18) years in the specific order mentioned, gave consent thereto; or
    (c) such an examination is necessary for determining the cause of death.
  2. A post mortem examination may not take place unless-
    (a) the medical practitioner in-charge of clinical services in the hospital or authorised institution or of the mortuary in question, or any other medical practitioner authorised by such practitioner has authorised the post mortem examination in writing and in the prescribed manner; or
    (b) In the case where there is no medical practitioner in-charge of clinical services, a medical practitioner authorized by the person in-charge of such hospital or authorised institution, has authorised the post mortem examination in writing and in the prescribed manner.

Since there would be no Nigerian owned hospitals (see why below), even if you ask for a post-mortem, the doctors of the foreign-owned hospitals would have to authorise and possibly arrange the report to suite them.  As a result, Nigerians will die in millions over time and the foreign recipients would go home with new organs.  Note that, since they own all the hospitals, they also control the ‘health research’, so statistical figures of improved healthcare could be well arranged, and no questions asked.  Therefore, Section 48 is inconsistent with the Right to Life of the Fundamental Rights under the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The question arises, where would this organ trafficking be done?  Is it in Nigerian hospitals owned by Nigerians?  Certainly not!  The Nigerian hospitals, private, public, mission and Islamic would be closed down, 24 months from the date the Bill was signed into law according to Section 13.

Section 13:

  1. Without being in possession of a Certificate of Standards, a person, entity, government or organization shall not :-
    (a) establish, construct, modify or acquire a health establishment, health agency or health technology;
    (b) increase the number of beds in, or acquire prescribed health technology at a health establishment or health agency;
    (c) provide prescribed health services; or
    (d) continue to operate a health establishment, health agency or health technology after the expiration of 24 months from the date this Bill took effect.
  2. The Certificate of Standards referred to in subsection (1) of this section may be obtained by application in prescribed manner from the appropriate body of government where the facility is located.  In the case of tertiary institutions the appropriate authority shall be the National Tertiary Health Institutions Standards Committee, acting through the Federal Ministry of Health.

‘‘certificate of standards’’ means a certificate under section 13;

The Foreign Organ Trafficking Cartel has started construction of 260 modern mega-hospitals in Nigeria.  They are using the names of Federal Medical Centres, General Hospitals and Teaching Hospitals as camouflage, having acquired them through the so-called privatization program of the Federal and States governments.  This fact was revealed in a meeting with the AGPMPN members and other stakeholders with a leading U.S. company that was contracted by an American billionaire businessman to build and equip the hospitals in Nigeria.  The hospitals will be built according to the International Building Code of hospitals.  The Certificate of Standards for hospital buildings are based on the International Building Code of hospitals, which has stringent standards of construction that no hospital in Nigeria meets.  The plumbing is with conduit, all wiring with conduit, high floor to roof height, wide corridors, wide window width, 24-hour lighting, 24-hour air conditioning, 24-hour water, specific humidity, airflow purification etc.  Similar standards apply for pharmacies and medical diagnostic laboratories.  These standards are difficult to meet in advanced countries and even more challenging in Nigeria.  The NHA 2014 requires strict compliance under Section 13, as a means for foreigners to monopolize the entire health sector.  These standards have very minimal effects on health outcomes despite the enormous resources required to comply.  For example, the United States’ maternal mortality ratio (MMR) remains worse than that of a developing country like Chile, which is only second to Canada in the Americas.  Nigeria’s health indices will not improve just because we have 260 ‘five star class’ hospitals for human organ trafficking.  We rather should expect falling standards for Nigerians while Western patients in need of organs would experience a revival.  It has been estimated that the benefit of the Organ Trafficking Cartel work in Nigeria will cut healthcare costs by 30% in most advanced countries.  In the United States, over 90,000 patients on dialysis for years are eagerly waiting for Nigerian kidneys.  Many more patients in Europe and America placed on artificial heart pumps and heart-lung machines may now look forward to a future with new hearts and lungs, while millions of Nigerians may die untimely.

Who are the medical personnel to carry out these practices of organ poaching in Nigeria?  Are they Nigerians?  Certainly, not!  How then do they get rid of Nigerians in key positions in the new foreign owned hospitals which are part of teaching hospitals?  To achieve this goal, the Federal Ministry of Health has negotiated PPP with the foreign investors, and in some states such concession has been made.  For example, in Imo State, the 27 hospitals built as general hospitals are under concession to Apollo Hospital India.  Apollo Hospital India is the second largest transplant centre in the World.  The present infrastructure has been completely rebuilt according to the Certificate of Standards and the Nigerian health personnel in the Health Management Boards are totally not engaged in these health establishments, which will be operated by Indians.  Engaging foreign health personnel is permitted in Sections 43 and 45:

Section 43 (e) prescribe strategies for the recruitment and retention of health care personnel within the national health system and from anywhere outside Nigeria;

Using Section 43 (e) the so-called experts from outside Nigeria will be hired, predominantly from India, United States and other Western countries.  These so-called experts would occupy positions of decision-making within the new health system in each hospital owned by foreigners.  Industrial disputes, for example, refusing to pay due allowances to health professionals will be used to sack all the Nigerian professionals in key positions needed to be vacated within 14 days of the dispute in accordance with Section 45:

Section 45

  1. Without prejudice to the right of all cadres and all groups of Health Professionals to demand for better conditions of service, health services shall be classified as Essential Service, and subject to the provisions of the relevant law.
  2. Pursuant to subsection (1) of this section, industrial disputes in the public sector of Health shall be treated seriously and shall on no account cause the total disruption of health services delivery in public institutions of health in the federation or in any part thereof.
  3. Where the disruption of health services has occurred in any sector of National Health System, the Minister shall apply all reasonable measures to ensure a return to normalcy of any such disruption within fourteen days of the occurrence thereof.

Effects of Human Organ-Trafficking and Therapeutic Organ Cloning

The International Organ Trafficking Cartel has two major aims for pushing for passage of the National Health Act 2014.  First, to kill Nigerians for their organs for transplantation to rich Western patients arriving in Nigeria as Organ Transplantation Tourists, and/or getting the organs flown abroad to meet the needs in Western countries where there is severe shortage of organs for transplantation.  This is the reason why all international aid agencies are supporting this project for the interest of their specific countries.  In fact, this is key to the reduction in healthcare costs in most advanced Western countries.  Taking many people off dialysis, artificial heart machines, and intensive care life support will save billions of USD annually in the United State and United Kingdom.  On the other hand, for many Nigerians whose organs were poached for transplantation, they meet untimely death because of the NHA 2014.  It is already well known that, millions of Indians and other Asians died untimely in the same manner before their corrupt political leadership was uprooted for reform to take place that stopped the widespread practice.  The NHA 2014 introduced a health reform in Nigeria that could harm or kill many Nigerians, in much the same way, as in other countries, like India, Kosovo, Philippines, Burma, Nepal and other poor East Asian countries.  It took more than two decades, for most of these governments to realize the enormity of damage to their countries.  They now struggle with a very powerful Cartel to shut down their operations.  Some hospitals in India such as the Apollo Hospital, the second largest transplant organization in the World, are now under strict parliamentary investigations for organ trafficking.  It is estimated that with full operation of the National Health Act 2014, within five years over 30 million Nigerians could lose their lives or be severely injured in the Organ Transplantation Tourism trade.  These estimates were derived by analogy with lives lost in East Asia as a result of the work of Organ Trafficking Cartels.  The arguments made by proponents are totally flawed and deceptive.  The Organ Trafficking Cartel with deep U.S. dollar pockets has no lack of propagandists that include politicians, legislators, government officials, heads of organizations and associations, professionals, international agencies and members of the media, bribed with millions of U.S. dollars to push for the passage of the NHA 2014.  President Goodluck Jonathan withheld assent to the National Health Bill twice before because of these concerns.  The President was under intense pressure by very powerful foreign interests particularly the United States and United Kingdom.  They organized and threatened President Goodluck Jonathan with impeachment using their proxy legislators in the National Assembly, to compel him to sign the NHA 2014.  After he signed the NHA 2014, the impeachment axe vaporized as fast as it came on.  Considering the foreign interests involved and the use of impeachment threats, the crimes of conspiracy to kill Nigerians by proponents in the National Assembly rises to the level of treason.  The law recognizes that the Attorney General has the power to initiate charges of treason.  It is usual under the pressure from the Nigerian people that can force government to act.  This pressure must be exerted on the Buhari administration to probe the passage of the NHA 2014.

The first part of this project in Nigeria would provide the organs to keep the rich Western patients alive, until they succeed with the therapeutic organ cloning.  Organ cloning using embryonic stem cells is a projected BIG business worth 30 trillion US Dollars for the Western economies within the next five years of operation!  This is the anticipated Western Economic Recovery Plan of the G7 countries to get ahead of Asia.  How does this work?  To clone a tissue like heart you will need to collect the nucleus (that stores all its genetic materials) of the heart of the sick person and place it in an ovarian egg obtained from a woman through IVF (in-vitro fertilization).  The new cell is put in a tissue culture to grow into a heart, which could be transplanted to the sick person.  The process of transferring the nucleus is called somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT).  To perfect the SCNT process you will need thousands of human ovarian eggs per trial.  It has been estimated that, at least 100 million ovarian eggs poached from 10 million Nigerian women would be required annually.  These ten million Nigerian women would die in 2-3 years from the complications (liver failure, kidney failure, cancers, infections, etc).  These ovarian eggs have to be poached through IVF after administering a set of hormonal injections.  The NHA 2014 permits the poaching of human ovarian eggs.  This was deceptively and deliberately crafted by the Cartel.  For this purpose, NHA 2014 excluded gametes (ovarian eggs and sperms) is the definition of ‘tissue’:

See Interpretation:
"tissue" means human tissue, and includes flesh, bone, a gland, an organ, skin, bone marrow or body fluid, but excludes blood or a gamete;

To collect the ovarian eggs, a woman receives a series of hormonal injections to stimulate the ovaries.  Once stimulated, the ovaries could go into over-drive or hyperstimulation causing complications called Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (kidney failure, liver failure, cancers, infertility, etc).  Illegally, Nigerian is already the largest exporter of human ovarian eggs in the World!  These Nigerians are killed in Western laboratories for embryonic stem cell research.  More Nigerians die in human embryo trafficking trade, than all those that died during the slave trade more than two centuries ago.  The NHA 2014 has legitimized this Evil practice.  Nigerians must wake up and be informed of the dangers of what a few unpatriotic criminal elements among us in liaison with foreign powers have done to kill innocent Nigerians.  The human rights groups and patriotic persons must go to the national courts, African Human Rights’ court and International Criminal Court (ICC) to challenge these laws.  We must press for the 8th National Assembly to repeal the National Health Act 2015 and the Biosafety Law 2015.  We must demonstrate peacefully on the streets of our cities to push for indictment of Bill Gates and against the role of the United States and United Kingdom in facilitating these laws.  We must limit all activities of the UN agencies (UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO and others) and so-called development partners (USAID, CIDA, IPPF, IPAS, and others).  The NHA 2014 is a danger to Our National Security!  We call on all Nigerians to rise and demand that the NHA 2014 and Biosafety Law be repealed in defence of our Motherland!

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