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Who Do We Speak For?

The most obvious answer would seem to be the unborn, the voiceless; those who are at both ends of life's spectrum - babies and the elderly; those who cannot speak for themselves - the incapacitated, the handicapped and disabled; those with long term or short term terminal or degenerative illnesses.  Those who cannot vote due to age or infirmity.

This would be the most obvious answer to the question 'Who do we speak for?'  If these people, these vulnerable human beings were the only ones whom we speak for then maybe our cause could be seen as a worthy one, a charitable one, a loving compassionate one.

Added to the above list of those for whom we speak we could include the poor, the illiterate, the starving, those suffering from natural disasters like earthquakes or floods and even man made disasters, including war and ethnic cleansing or civil war.  We could include those who are being persecuted for their religion or faith, their colour or their creed.

Who hasn't seen the TV pictures that show men, women and children suffering around the world due to some catastrophe or other and not felt that something should be done to help?

It is deemed most laudable to help those who, for whatever reason, cannot help themselves.  The millions of pounds or dollars raised by charities each year to help those suffering is never enough when it is remembered that thousands of people still die each day despite efforts to help them.

Yet these are not the only people we speak for.  These are the easily identifiable ones.

If you have ever read or heard the speech "I have a Dream" by Martin Luther King Jr that he delivered on the steps at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC on 28th August 1963, you will know that his 'dream' was equality for the brotherhood of man.  Yet there was a distinction in his speech.  He was basically addressing two sets of people - the Negroes (or Blacks) and the whites.  The colour of the skin was the distinguishing factor.

When William Wilberforce challenged the British Government in the 1800's there was a distinction - the black slaves and the white owners.  When armies go to war the enemy is usually identifiable by their uniform.  Both sides may think they are in the right but it is the innocent who get killed while the generals take a back seat.  The troops, generally will often see the futility of the fight long before any war is ever won.  Two complete strangers trying their best to kill or be killed.  In peacetime they could be neighbours.

When God gave Moses the Ten Commandments He gave them for our good, just as a parent would tell a child not to touch a fire for fear of being burnt, or not to play in the middle of a busy road.

Jesus was asked what was the greatest commandment.  His reply was to love the Lord your God with all your heart and to love your neighbour as yourself.  Jesus had reduced the ten to two.  If we were to follow these commandments then we could all live peacefully and in harmony with each other.

But we choose not to.  We choose to put ourselves first.  Yes, we still give to charity or 'do our bit' to help.  But basically we would much prefer to do things our own way.  We seem to think that we know what is best for us, or rather 'I know what is best for me'.  Deception then creeps in.  We believe what we want to hear.  We don't check out the truth.  We don't consider the consequences of our actions.  We don't take responsibility for our decisions.  If it sounds or feels good then we do it or use it.

There are so many well meaning people in this world.  The vast majority would consider themselves 'good'.  We all want to be liked. We all want to be right - in what we say and in what we do.  We do not like being told we are wrong.  We can see the speck in someone else's eye but we are not aware of the plank in our own eye.

So, getting back to the original question - 'who do we speak for?'  The answer is a multitude of people.

In our research we are constantly finding out more and more.  We all believe that we are on the 'right road' but, unless we are willing to even consider a different viewpoint, we may never realise just how wide of the mark we may be.

We are speaking for people of all ages and all professions.  We are speaking for the educated and the uneducated.  We are speaking for those who can see the sense of what we are saying as well as those who vehemently oppose all we stand for.  We are speaking for all those who think life is valuable.  We are especially speaking for those who do not value life.

We want to try and help turn the tide of death that has, over the years, crept upon us.  Death - physical, emotional and spiritual.  Death caused by abortion, euthanasia and human embryo experimentation.  But more than that we want to turn the tide of death caused by losing childhood innocence by early sex education; of death caused by taking cancer causing drugs, death caused by so called 'safer sex' that has seen the rise in sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, death caused by pornography, promiscuity and adultery, death caused by denial of actions leading to secrecy then depression and then possibly suicide.

As you read these web pages, we trust you will be awakened to the truth and to check out what we are saying.  We hope you will be stirred to challenge those who have deceived us all over the years.  We hope you will have the courage to change and to speak out.  Many people will probably need counselling.  We hope you will be able to find someone close to where you live who can help you talk things through, but first ensure that they, too, are aware of the truth.

As you can see, the vast majority of the people we speak for would prefer we didn't.  For those of you who have any faith, we would ask you to pray for blinkers to be removed from all our eyes and that the truth would be declared and that deception would be seen for what it really is.  We would ask that you would pray for hearts to be changed to accept the truth and that the tide would turn.  We would ask that you would pray for each one of us to choose blessings and life.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,
who put darkness for light and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20

Hands Father and Son Feet

Please visit May Blossom Ministries - Christian Healing after Abortion, if you have been affected by a baby being killed by abortion, or if you know someone who has.

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